The Years: 1914 - 1915 - 1915b - 1916 - 1917 - 1918 - 1919 - 1920




The Essence of the Message

Priscilla Stone January 1st, 1915 The mother of Dr. Stone conveys her love for her son.
Jesus January 5th, 1915 I am your true teacher and brother.
Ann Rollins January 5th, 1915 A confirmation of love.
Helen Padgett January 7th, 1915 Helen describes the beauty of the Spheres and various subjects concerning Spiritual matters.
Ann Rollins January 8th, 1915 A discourse on a book James is reading and insights pertaining to the Hell Spheres.
Helen Padgett and Rose January 9th, 1915 Helen sheds light on what the Love Principle is.
John Padgett January 10th, 1915 Fatherly encouragement for James.
Jesus January 12th, 1915 You are my friend and disciple.
George Harvey January 12th, 1915 George. W. Harvey asks James for help as he is in darkness.
Helen Padgett January 12th, 1915 A conversation between Spirits in light and darkness.
Jesus January 13th, 1915 My kingdom is where Love is supreme.
Ann Rollins January 15th, 1915 Confirms that the Kingdom of Jesus is supreme in Love.
A.G. Riddle January 20th, 1915 Riddle confirms his soul progression.
Helen Padgett January 23rd, 1915 Dr. Stone learns that Mary Kennedy is his soulmate.
Jesus January 24th , 1915 Jesus begins teaching the difference between God and himself.
Helen Padgett January 27th , 1915 Helen describes her service in finding Spirit’s soulmates in the Spheres.
Helen Padgett January 27th , 1915 Helen helps comfort a mortal friend who has just passed over into Spirit.
Jesus January 31st , 1915 Jesus teaches on The Nature of God.
Ann Rollins January 31st , 1915 Ann expands the awareness on The Nature of God.
White Eagle February 15th, 1915 White Eagle gives James a true Spirit healing.
A.G. Riddle February 20th, 1915 Riddle confirms Spirit healing as action of faith and his desire to keep progressing.
Helen Padgett February 20th, 1915 A supportive message to James.
Helen Padgett February 22nd, 1915 A love letter from Helen to James.
Joseph Salyards February 25th, 1915 Shares observations on Spirit life.
Jesus March 3rd, 1915 Jesus begins teaching on the Love of God and the soul.
Helen Padgett March 3rd, 1915 Confirms the Jesus is the Great Teacher of Love.
Ann Rollins March 5th, 1915 A wonderful account of Ann’s soul progression through the Celestial Spheres.
Jesus March 6th, 1915 The first Teaching of The Divine Love and Its power to act upon the souls of men and women.
Jesus March 9th, 1915 Elaborates on the Teaching on what the Divine Love is.
Helen Padgett March 10th, 1915 Helen describes her beautiful home in the Celestial Spheres.
Ann Rollins March 10th, 1915 Reveals the conditions of Spirit’s in the Celestial Spheres.
Helen Padgett March 17th, 1915 Helen helps another Spirit to the Way of Divine Love.
Eugene Crowell March 17th, 1915 Eugene writes on his book that James is reading, and confirms the Truth of Jesus.
John Padgett March 17th, 1915 John defines who James’ Guardian Angel is.
Samuel Phillips March 19th, 1915 An acquaintance of James asks for help.
James Garfield March 22nd, 1915 An old friend drops by for a chat and confirms all that James is doing and learning.
A.G. Riddle March 22nd, 1915 Riddle comments on Mr. Garfield’s letter.
Helen Padgett March 22nd, 1915 Helen confirms the letter from Garfield.
Ann Rollins March 23rd, 1915 Ann sheds light on the relationship between Jesus and James and the work of the Messages that is to come.
Helen Padgett March 23rd, 1915 Helen writes on the Divine Love and Its relationship with the Law of Compensation.
Jesus March 24th, 1915 Jesus confirms to James that no other mortal has received his teachings on The New-Birth in Divine Love.
Ann Rollins March 24th, 1915 Ann reveals just how much Jesus loves James.
Helen Padgett March 24th, 1915 Helen conveys just how lovely Jesus is.
Jesus March 26th, 1915 Jesus nurtures James and encourages him to be in more faith.
Laura Burroughs March 29th, 1915 James’ cousin asks for help for she is in darkness.
Judge Syrick March 29th, 1915 The Judge confirms that Spirits do communicate with mortals.
Helen Padgett March 29th, 1915 Helen describes the attraction of Spirits to one another in like attracting like.
A.G. Riddle March 30th, 1915 Riddle conveys his delight in his progression in Divine Love and helping other Spirits find Divine Love.
Helen Padgett March 30th, 1915  Helen describes her experience of telling other Spirits to pray for Divine Love.
Ann Rollins March 31st, 1915 Ann writes on Forgiveness.
Jesus April 1st, 1915. Jesus is pleased that James is receiving the Inflowings of Divine Love.
Joseph Salyards April 1st, 1915. A poem that expresses a love of the Divine.
Anonymous April 1st, 1915. A lost soul tells his story.
Helen Padgett April 1st, 1915.

Helen confirms the lost soul’s story.

Jesus April 3rd, 1915. Jesus teaches on the saving of a lost soul.
Helen Padgett April 3rd, 1915. Helen confirms to James that he is in rapport with the one true Jesus.
Jesus April 4th, 1915. James completely accepts Jesus.
Helen Padgett April 5th, 1915 Helen confirms to James their efforts in helping dark spirits are good.
Ann Rollins April 5th, 1915 Ann reassures James of the authenticity of the Spirits writing and of Jesus.
Mary Kennedy April 5th, 1915 Mary informs James of the Spirits present and her love for the Dr.
Jesus April 6th, 1915 Jesus reaffirms James’ declaration and acceptance of James’ love for him.
A.G. Riddle April 6th, 1915 On meeting a man with intellectual brilliance, yet cannot accept the beauty of the soul and the existence of the Divine Love.
Jesus April 7th, 1915 Jesus confirms James’ good work in helping dark Spirits find Divine Love.
Jesus April 9th, 1915 Jesus teaches what the Holy Ghost is.
Jesus April 12th, 1915 Jesus encourages James to pray for more Divine Love.
Helen Padgett April 12th, 1915 Helen affirms her great love for James, her soulmate.
Prof Salyards April 12th, 1915 The Prof. offers to write with James.
Prof Salyards April 13th, 1915 The Prof. declares his learning of the Spiritual Laws.
Helen Padgett April 13th, 1915 Helen recognizes that James is tired.
Ann Rollins April 27th, 1915 Ann describes her new home in the 2nd Celestial Sphere.
Prof Salyards May 3rd, 1915 The Prof. continues his message on the learning of Spiritual Laws.
Judge Syrick May 6th, 1915 The Judge describes his passing over to Spirit.
Helen Padgett May 6th, 1915 Helen describes the Judge’s good soul progression.
Queen Elizabeth I May 12th, 1915 Queen Elizabeth I of England conveys her regrets and is a soul in darkness seeking James’ help to find her true salvation in Divine Love.
Helen Padgett May 12th, 1915 Ann will help Queen Elizabeth 1 find the Divine Love for her true salvation.
Ann Rollins May 13th, 1915 Ann shares her experience of finding the Divine Love.
Jesus May 13th, 1915 Jesus prays with James for the Divine Love.
Jesus May 18th, 1915 Jesus gives James a gentle reminder of faith and trust.
Jesus May 24th, 1915 Jesus teaches on the condition and limitation of his day.
Prof Salyards May 24th, 1915 The Prof. explains that Natural Love has its limitations.
Helen Padgett May 24th, 1915 Helen writes a brief message to James.
Jesus May 25th, 1915 Jesus teaches the real Truth of life on Earth and what it means to mortals.
Jesus May 28th, 1915 Jesus teaches on the real meaning of Immortality.
Ann Rollins May 28th, 1915 Ann confirms to James that this was the first discourse on Immortality revealed to man by Jesus.
Saleeba June 2nd, 1915 Ancient Egyptian Princess seeks help from James to find the light of her soul.
Jesus June 2nd, 1915 Jesus teaches of the differences of the Spirit Spheres.
Jesus June 5th, 1915 Jesus teaches why man must receive the Divine Love in order to be admitted to the Celestial Kingdom.
Jesus June 5th, 1915 Jesus qualifies Ann’s capability to teach of the Spirit.
Ann Rollins June 5th, 1915 Ann reveals a comprehensive insight into her soul progression in Divine Love and the Spheres of attraction.
Jesus June 6th, 1915 Jesus teaches on the True nature of the Holy Spirit.
Jesus June 7th, 1915 Jesus reveals a little on his birth and years up until his public ministry.
Helen Padgett June 7th, 1915 Time to rest
Jesus June 8th, 1915 Jesus confirms his message on his birth and his work.
Prof Salyards June 8th, 1915 The Prof. comments on the Master’s recent message on his birth and work up until the time of his public ministry.
Bright Star June 8th, 1915 James with the Spirit, Bright Star engages in questions and answers.
Jesus June 15th, 1915 Jesus teaches why men should believe "that I, who write to you, am the true Jesus of the Bible, and why I write to you.
Joe Shellington June 17th, 1915 Joe recounts his experience of dying and soul condition in Spirit when he arrives.
Helen Padgett June 17th, 1915 Helen confirms that Joe wrote and that she is helping him to learn of the Divine Love.
Abdullah ben Caliph June 22nd, 1915 A natural Spirit tells his story.
William Richards June 24th, 1915 Another soul in darkness asks James for help to stop the stagnation of his Spiritual self.
Solomon June 27th, 1915 Solomon of the Old Testament is a follower of the Master and is with Divine Love.
John June 27th, 1915 James calls for a Spirit of love and St. John arrives.
Paul June 27th, 1915 St. Paul communicates on his place in the high Celestial Spheres.
Helen Padgett June 28th, 1915 Helen describes how beautiful St. John, St. Paul, and Solomon are in the Father’s Divine Love.
Jesus June 29th, 1915 Jesus reveals he never traveled to India or Greece to study their philosophies.
Saleeba July 5th, 1915 Saleeba is grateful and is progressing in Divine Love.
Henry Ward Beecher July 5th, 1915 Details accounts of his life on Earth and now is a follower of Jesus’ teachings of Divine Love.
Martin Luther July 6th, 1915 Martin details accounts of his life on Earth and now is a follower of Jesus’ teachings of Divine Love.
Jesus July 6th, 1915 Jesus confirms to James that Henry is with Divine Love.
Ann Rollins July 6th, 1915 Ann describes family members and their places in the Spheres.
Socrates July 8th, 1915 Socrates shares his soul progression through the Natural Spheres into Divine Love Spheres upon learning of Divine Love.
John July 8th, 1915 A significant message for St. John introduces the differences between the Natural love of man and the Divine Love of God.
Ann Rollins July 8th, 1915 Ann gives a message on her home and on Angels.
Jesus July 16th, 1915 Jesus comforts James as he is downhearted.
Andrew July 17th, 1915 Andrew strengthens James’ faith.
Peter July 17th, 1915 Peter confirms this.
John July 17th, 1915 John confirms this.
St James July 17th, 1915 St. James confirms this.
St Jerome July 17th, 1915 St. Jerome confirms this.
St Antony July 17th, 1915 St. Antony confirms this.
Helen Padgett July 17th, 1915 Helen confirms this.
Stephen July 18th, 1915 The Truths must be taught and the Master has chosen you.
St Thomas July 18th, 1915 St. Thomas confirms this.
St Barnabas July 18th, 1915 St. Barnabas confirms this.
Luke July 18th, 1915 Luke conveys his testimony.
John Wesley July 18th, 1915 John conveys his testimony.
A.G.Riddle July 18th, 1915 Riddle confirms this succession of confirmations from such splendid Spirits and that James is in good company.
Ann Rollins July 18th, 1915 Ann confirms how blessed James is in this work for the Kingdom and the Master.
Helen Padgett July 18th, 1915 Helen is so pleased that James has been chosen for this work.
Thomas Paine July 20th, 1915 Thomas, a one time infidel identifies his soul progression from error into Truth.
John July 20th, 1915 John encourages James in his work.
Matthew July 20th, 1915 Matthew joins the Celestial band that assist Jesus and James Padgett.
Daniel July 21st, 1915 Daniel shares his experiences of ancient life as a prophet and now Spirit progression.
Samuel July 21st, 1915 Samuel, a prophet of old reveals a comprehensive account of the mortal and natural Laws of his day.
Helen Padgett July 21st, 1915 Helen affirms Daniel and Samuel’s beauty and soul power.
St Sebastian July 22nd, 1915 A martyr to my faith.
Vespasian July 22nd, 1915 A Roman Emperor describes his learning of the English language and now lives in a Celestial Sphere.
St Chrystostom July 22nd, 1915 Found the Great Truth of the Divine Love and teaches on the condition of the soul.
St George July 22nd, 1915 A warrior on Earth, now a Spirit reformed by Divine Love.
Jesus July 22nd, 1915 Jesus tells James he is organizing the work and Spirits whom will cooperate with him.
Anaxylabis July 22nd, 1915 A designer of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt, a Natural Spirit.
Anabalixis July 22nd, 1915 A ruler of the Continent of Atlantis, a long time ago; a Natural Spirit.
Helen Padgett July 22nd, 1915 Helen confirms to James that the two previous messages were Spirits of Natural love and not in Divine Love.
Franklin Mackey July 22nd, 1915 Gives thanks James’ for his help and is now a Spirit in the light of the Divine Love.
Hugh Taggart July 22nd, 1915 A grateful message of thanks. You have been a great help.
George Harvey July 22nd, 1915 A confused Spirit asks James for guidance.
Nicodemus July 30th, 1915 Defines his New-Birth experience of soul in Divine Love.
George Washington August 1st, 1915 Is now a follower of the Master’s teachings of Divine Love.
Lafayette August 1st, 1915 A lover of Liberty describes his view on Earthly matters in James’ day, a Natural Spirit.
Otto Von Bismarck August 1st, 1915 Further discourse on events pertaining to the War in James’ day, a Natural Spirit.
John Brown August 1st, 1915 Is beginning to ask surrounding Spirits about Divine Love.
Jesus August 3rd, 1915 Jesus teaches that his Truths are to be understood by all souls and not just for the intellects.
Samuel August 5th, 1915 Samuel reveals his Natural love condition compared to his now Divine Love condition of soul.
Robert Colyer August 5th, 1915 A one time preacher in Natural love is now with Divine Love.
Lazarus August 5th, 1915 Lazarus describes his experience when Jesus called him forth.
Robert Ingersoll August 5th, 1915 Recognizes that he is not a bright Spirit compared with those surrounding James.
Helen Padgett August 5th, 1915 Helen confirms previous message.
Prof Salyards August 6th, 1915 The Prof. is inspired by James’ work with Spirits, especially the high Spirits – a beautiful message.
Ann Rollins August 6th, 1915 Ann gives reasons on why so many Spirits are attracted to James at this time.
Saul August 7th, 1915 I am a redeemed Spirit now.
St Augustine August 7th, 1915 Discusses the Bible in contrast to the New-Birth.
George Whitefield August 8th, 1915 George introduces some of his erroneous teachings and re-teaches the Way of the Truths in Divine Love.
John Garner August 8th, 1915 A message on the Great Gift of Divine Love.
Peter August 8th, 1915 Advises James to pray for more faith and trust.
Josephus August 8th, 1915 A one-time Jewish historian now teaches of the Divine Love.
St Celestia August 8th, 1915 Let men abandon the idea that Jesus came as a sacrifice for their sins.
Loyola August 8th, 1915 Teaches of the Mercy of the Father.
Seleman August 8th, 1915 A dissatisfied Spirit is going to investigate these teachings of the New-Birth in Divine Love from bright Spirits.
Helen Padgett August 8th, 1915 A good evening of messages received.
John the Baptist August 10th, 1915 John the Baptist is still the harbinger of the Master.
Leytergus August 10th, 1915 A very informative message on ancient history.
Lot August 10th, 1915 Lot gives a detailed account of his life.
George Washington August 12th, 1915 A very good message defining the order of Celestial communication between Spirits.
Salaalida August 12th, 1915 A Natural Spirit does not know of the Divine Love.
Selim August 12th, 1915 A Natural Spirit does not know of the Divine Love.
Aaron August 12th, 1915 A Natural Spirit asserts his natural love power with no humility.
Hugh Latimer August 13th, 1915 A martyr explains how Jesus now loves him.
Grover Cleveland August 13th, 1915 A one-time great man goes to James’ Grandmother Ann, to learn of the Divine Love.
Saul August 13th, 1915 Saul praises and thanks James for his work.
Leetelam August 13th, 1915 A Tartar, lived in Tibet as Brahman priest died almost 4000 years ago writes on his time in the World.
Jesus August 15th, 1915 Jesus teaches the true meaning of the phrase: He that liveth and believeth on me shall never die.
John August 15th, 1915 John introduces the 1st message on Judas.
Samuel August 17th, 1915 Samuel describes Celestial environments.
Jerome August 17th, 1915 Jerome also describes Celestial environments.
Paul August 20th, 1915 Paul teaches that God is not a God of Wrath but a God of Love.
Selim August 20th, 1915 Selim is not with Divine Love and is curious to learn of the New-Birth.
Aleyabis August 20th, 1915 Aleyabis also enquires to the New-Birth.
Jesus August 23rd, 1915 Jesus confirms to James of the Ancients Spirits enquiring of the New-Birth.
Samuel R Smith August 23rd, 1915 Samuel, on learning on his Spiritual environment yet is still to learn of the Divine Love.
Judas August 23rd, 1915 Judas begins to explain his love of Jesus.
Jesus August 24th, 1915 Jesus teaches that this work with James for the World and mankind in this time is part of God’s plan to bring about a salvation of mankind.
John August 24th, 1915 John explains that Jesus and all Spirits are subject to the workings of the Laws.
Luke August 24th, 1915 Luke confirms the previous message.
Luke August 28th, 1915 Luke explains that his Gospel is not as he wrote it for it has been changed by men.
Aman August 29th, 1915 Aman, writes the first message on events when he and Amon were on Earth together.
Jesus August 29th, 1915 Jesus reveals to James that he was present with him at a Church service and re-teaches the Truth.
St Clement August 29th, 1915 St. Clement defines the error of the Church.
Paul August 30th, 1915 St. Paul comments on errors in his epistles.
Amon August 30th, 1915 Amon writes and reveals more on her life with Aman when on Earth.
John August 30th, 1915 John affirms that the First Parents were Aman and Amon.
Jesus August 30th, 1915 Jesus is well pleased that James is praying to the Father for the Inflowing of Divine Love.
S. B. S. August 30th, 1915 S.B.S. changes his belief that Jesus is not God.
Helen Padgett August 30th, 1915 Helen in a touching message tells James he is close to God and near the Master.
Amoulomol August 31st, 1915 An ancient Spirit makes contact with James.
St Camelia August 31st, 1915 A Catholic Nun finds the Father’s Divine Love.
St Salatia August 31st, 1915 A confirmation that the Divine Love has been found.
Paul August 31st, 1915 Paul comments on perfection.
Jesus August 31st, 1915 Jesus attends a Church service with James and discusses future attendances with James.

The Years: 1914 - 1915 - 1915b - 1916 - 1917 - 1918 - 1919 - 1920

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