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The Essence of the Message

Helen Padgett January 1st, 1916 Helen describes a book James is reading is in error to Divine Truth.
Jesus January 2nd, 1916 Jesus teaches that there are no fallen Angels and no rebellion in Heaven.
Jesus January 3rd, 1916 Jesus continues his teaching on no fallen Angels.
Luke January 4th, 1916 Luke continues a discourse on Atonement.
Jesus January 4th, 1916 Jesus teaches The Golden Rule.
George Butler January 5th, 1916 A discourse on the Hells then on finding the Glorious light.
Jesus January 5th, 1916 Jesus writes a personal message to James.
Abraham Lincoln January 5th, 1916 A message of mortal love and now Spirit beliefs.
John January 7th, 1916 A message on the powers of Spirit.
Priscilla Stone January 10th, 1916 The Dr.’s mother has progressed to the 1st Celestial Sphere.
Jesus January 10th, 1916 Jesus teaches on the harmony of God’s Laws.
Jesus January 11th, 1916 Jesus continues the teaching on the harmony of God’s Laws.
Jesus January 12th, 1916 Jesus continues the teaching on the harmony of God’s Laws.
Luke January 13th, 1916 Mystery on the incarnation of the soul.
Jesus January 15th, 1916 Jesus teaches on the Origin of Life.
Hannah Somerville January 16th, 1916 A Spirit finds the light of Divine Love.
Paul January 16th, 1916 A message on Resurrection.
Jesus January 16th, 1916 Jesus confirms Paul’s message on Resurrection.
Samuel January 17th, 1916 Incarnation of the soul and beginning of soulmates.
Stephen January 17th, 1916 Confirms Paul’s teaching on Resurrection, and confirms Jesus’ position in the Celestial Heaven.
G___ January 19th, 1916 On the subject of soul progression.
Galileo January 21st, 1916 On his findings of the material Universe.
Joseph Salyards January 21st, 1916 The Prof. writes on the Laws of God.
Helen Padgett January 21st, 1916 Helen writes on James’ visit to a medium.
Helen Padgett January 28th, 1916 Helen writes that White Eagle would not let dark Spirits write.
Luke February 3rd, 1916 On the soul development of natural love.
Helen Padgett February 5th, 1916 Helen writes that the Master desired to write with James.
Jesus February 6th, 1916 Jesus resumes his teachings on the Origins of Life.
Paul February 8th, 1916 Paul continues his discourse on The Resurrection.
Joseph Salyards February 8th, 1916 The Prof. tells James "you were once my student".
Helen Padgett February 8th, 1916 Helen informs Eugene of his Spirit guide.
Helen Padgett February 11th, 1916 Helen informs James that White Eagle is in charge of dark Spirits and updates their friend’s progress in Divine Love.
Pope Clement February 15th, 1916 Writes a short message. 
Luke February 16th, 1916 Luke continues his teaching on natural love.
Priscilla Stone February 17th, 1916 The Dr.’s mother writes to her son and on the Spirit World.
Robert Ingersoll February 18th, 1916 Ingersoll on Ingersoll.
Ann Rollins February 18th, 1916 On who and what God is, continued.
John Yorking February 19th, 1916 A disciple of Jesus, had knowledge of the true teachings of Jesus when on Earth.
Helen Padgett February 19th, 1916 Helen comments on preceding Spirit.
Ann Rollins February 25th, 1916 Who and what God is - continued
John Padgett February 25th, 1916 John writes that James’ Grandmother spoke wisely.
Jesus February 27th, 1916 Jesus teaches James about a natural Spirit who will visit soon.
Jesus February 28th, 1916 Jesus teaches on how a soul is to receive the Divine Love.
Jesus March 2nd, 1916 Jesus teaches on how the Redeemed soul is saved from the penalties which sin and error have brought upon it.
Rose McGovern March 4th, 1916 Rose, the soulmate of Judge Syrick, writes of their happiness.
Helen Padgett March 4th, 1916 Helen confirms that she had found Rose, the Judge’s soulmate.
Robert Ingersoll March 4th, 1916 Ingersoll finally finds the Divine Love.
Helen Padgett March 5th, 1916 Helen explains many loved ones are present.
Anonymous March 6th, 1916 I am the last of the Mohicans and I desire to write.
Seligman March 6th, 1916 A Mohammedan writes of the Divine Love.
Priscilla Stone March 6th, 1916 A family message to the Dr.
Frank Davis March 7th, 1916 A boyhood chum has progressed.
Louis O'Neil March 7th, 1916 Judge O’Neil writes on his helping Spirit find the light.
John Carlisle March 7th, 1916 An old friend of James’ writes again.
Helen Padgett March 7th, 1916 Helen writes on Earth – Spirit friendships.
John March 11th, 1916 A message on helping to be fit for Spirit communication.
John Mastry March 11th, 1916 A Spirit offers to help James.
Helen Padgett March 11th, 1916 Helen confirms the previous two messages.
John March 12th, 1916 John clarifies the Book of Revelation.
John Parker March 14th, 1916 A follower of Jesus’ teachings.
Josephus March 14th, 1916 A Jewish historian writes again.
Jesus March 15th, 1916 Jesus teaches on what makes a man Divine.
Stephen March 15th, 1916 Stephen affirms the Master’s teaching.
Prof Salyards March 15th, 1916 The object of man’s life on Earth.
Joseph March 16th, 1916 Jesus’ father writes a message.
John March 18th, 1916 John teaches the Truth about the end of Jesus’ mortal life.
Hay March 19th, 1916 Another lawyer writes to James that he cannot comprehend the Divine Love yet.
Maurice Smith March 19th, 1916 Another lawyer writes on his soul in darkness.
White Eagle March 19th, 1916 White Eagle prevents a Spirit from writing with James.
Helen Padgett March 19th, 1916 Helen confirms White Eagles’ message.
Samuel March 21st, 1916 A message on the confirmation of a souls’ life.
Jesus March 22nd, 1916 Jesus informs Eugene on his selected work with the Truths.
Helen Padgett March 22nd, 1916 Helen writes on the Master’s Glorious appearance and Ingersoll is amazed.
Jesus March 23rd, 1916 Jesus teaches on how the Divine Love enters into the soul of a man.
William Stone March 23rd, 1916 A family message from the Dr.’s father.
Judge Syrick March 23rd, 1916 The Judge writes a short message on his love for Rose.
General Henkle March 23rd, 1916 An old friend writes on soulmates.
Elias March 24th, 1916 Elias the Prophet introduces himself to James and wants to be included in the Book of Truths when these messages are published.
Samuel March 30th, 1916 Samuel continues his message on the confirmation of a soul’s life.
Samuel April 1st, 1916 I was present at the time of the Crucifixion.
Helen Padgett April 1st, 1916 Helen affirms that Samuel was present.
Jesus April 5th, 1916 Jesus teaches on faith and Spirit assistance.
Saul April 7th, 1916 Saul’s testimony on the tradition of the Old Testament.
John April 7th, 1916 On the acceptance of Truth and Love.
Luke April 9th, 1916 Luke writes on the influences of generations.
Luke April 10th, 1916 Luke clarifies some points from previous message.
Clara Barton April 14th, 1916 The founder of the Red Cross Society writes and is not with Divine Love.
Helen Padgett April 14th, 1916 Helen writes on White Eagles’ organizing of Spirits present.
Mary April 15th, 1916 Mary the mother of Jesus writes on the parentage of Jesus.
Saul April 15th, 1916 Saul affirms that message is one of Truth.
John April 15th, 1916 Jesus is at work in another part of the Universe, and will not write tonight.
Helen Padgett April 15th, 1916 Helen affirms that Mary, Saul, and John conveyed their messages.
John April 15th, 1916 John writes on the experience of Divine Love.
John April 16th, 1916 John writes on the continuation of this work.
Helen Padgett April 18th, 1916 Helen, on healing a sick woman.
Solomon April 20th, 1916 On mortal faith, prayer and the Divine Love of God.
John the Baptist April 20th, 1916 Jesus was the one true and real Christ.
Luke April 23rd, 1916 On the question of Immortality.
Jesus April 23rd, 1916 Jesus teaches he is not God.
John April 23rd, 1916 More on the Truth of Immortality.
Rose April 24th, 1916 Writes on the progression of her soulmate.
Robert Ingersoll April 24th, 1916 Ingersoll un-teaches his past false teachings now that he is happy in Divine Love.
Helen Padgett April 24th, 1916 A loving message to James, her soulmate.
Lafayette April 26th, 1916 A discovery of Divine Love causes a change of heart.
Luke April 27th, 1916 What is necessary for a man to recover the purity of soul?
Jesus May 7th, 1916 Jesus advises James to take his daughter to a Medium.
Jesus May 8th, 1916 Jesus continues teaching on how the Divine Love enters into a soul of a human being.
John May 12th, 1916 Truth never changes regardless of mortal condition.
Alice May 16th, 1916 A cousin of James’ writes on her happiness in the 3rd Sphere.
Martin Luther May 16th, 1916 Luther continues to correct many of his principles of belief.
Jesus May 16th, 1916 Jesus teaches of The Divine Love and Healing.
Helen Padgett May 16th, 1916 Helen confirms White Eagle’s healing powers.
Martin Luther May 23rd, 1916 Luther describes the conditions of his day.
John May 26th, 1916 On soulmates who do and who don’t have Divine Love.
Ann Rollins May 28th, 1916 On how mankind can become Divine Angels.
Martin Luther May 29th, 1916 Luther continues his previous message.
John May 29th, 1916 What does the Spirit of man do when it leaves body for all Eternity?
Helen Padgett May 29th, 1916 Helen confirms previous messages were good.
Ann Rollins June 1st, 1916 The Great Gift of Divine Love.
Helen Padgett June 1st, 1916 Helen is pleased Ann completed her message.
Josephus June 3rd, 1916 On the creation of the First Parents.
Helen Padgett June 3rd, 1916 Helen writes on the importance of the equality of the sexes.
Luke June 4th, 1916 What is the use of believing in the sacrifice of Jesus?
Lillian Summer June 6th, 1916 A lost soul gives an account of her mortal days.
Kate Stone June 6th, 1916 The Dr’s sister writes on her love for her brother.
Helen Padgett June 8th, 1916 Helen defines the wonderment of Spiritual things.
Jesus June 11th, 1916 Jesus teaches "what is the correct way in which a man should live a life on Earth"?
Helen Padgett June 11th, 1916 Helen comments on the lack of rapport.
Jesus June 13th, 1916 Jesus begins discourse on the Laws of Mediumship.
Jesus June 17th, 1916 Jesus teaches how mortals may obtain development of their soul without Divine Love.
Martin Luther June 17th, 1916 A short message.
Helen Padgett June 17th, 1916 A short message.
John June 19th, 1916 The condition of the soul after the Divine Love flows into it.
John Calvin June 20th, 1916 John Calvin introduces himself to James.
Jesus June 27th, 1916 Jesus teaches on why the Divine Love is necessary for a man to possess.
Edwin Forrest June 27th, 1916 A dark Spirit asks for James’ help.
Martin Luther June 29th, 1916 On Religious ceremonies of his Church.
John July 2nd, 1916 "Why should men learn that they are not to be left to themselves in their conceptions of what life means …"
Mary Kennedy July 3rd, 1916 Out of body experiences.
Helen Padgett July 3rd, 1916 Helen confirms Mary’s plan.
Jesus July 9th, 1916 Jesus teaches on some errors of Christian Science.
Edwin Forrest July 19th, 1916 A dark Spirit has found the light.
Luke July 25th, 1916 Luke confirms what Luther has written.
Helen Padgett August 1st, 1916 In natural love the Spirit Buddha no longer teaches Reincarnation.
John August 5th, 1916 The Divine Love is the Greatest thing in all the World.
Jesus August 13th, 1916 Jesus teaches he will not come again as Prince Michael.
Jesus August 15th, 1916 Jesus reveals to James there are Spirits present when these messages are being conveyed and studied.
Jesus August 26th, 1916 Jesus teaches the only part of man that is Immortal is the soul as it survives physical death.
John August 28th, 1916 John speaks on the necessity to complete the work that is at hand.
Martin Luther August 28th, 1916 Luther writes on the Popes that persecuted him.
Constantine September 5th, 1916 Gives account of his political ambitions when as a mortal and now knows Divine Love.
Luke September 5th, 1916 Luke affirms Constantine’s message.
Helen Padgett September 5th, 1916 Helen confirms the two previous Spirits wrote.
John September 10th, 1916 John attends a Spiritualist meeting.
Samuel September 10th, 1916 The Divine Love makes Angels of us all.
Cornelius September 12th, 1916 The first Gentile Christian is now with Divine Love.
Jesus September 17th, 1916 Jesus teaches about the sinner and the sin.
Lazarus September 21st, 1916 Lazarus expounds on those around him in Spirit.
Helen Padgett September 21st, 1916 Helen confirms Lazarus wrote.
John September 23rd, 1916 What is the destiny of the natural love man?
Jesus September 24th, 1916 Jesus teaches on some of his mortal teachings and expressions.
Helen Padgett September 24th, 1916 Helen affirms that Jesus wrote.
Jesus September 28th, 1916 Jesus teaches more on the natural destiny of man who has not the Divine Love in their soul.
John September 30th, 1916 John continues his message on the future or destiny of the soul.
Elias October 1st, 1916 On the history of the times in which I lived.
John October 1st, 1916 On misconceptions of the End of the World.
Paul October 4th, 1916 What is the real body that is Resurrected at the time of death?
Paul October 5th, 1916 A continuation of previous message.
Luke October 5th, 1916 On Spirit guides.
Helen Padgett October 5th, 1916 Helen confirms Luke’s message.
Elias October 8th, 1916 I am the Elias of the Transfiguration.
Elias October 11th, 1916 Elias expands on his life and teachings.
John October 11th, 1916 Jesus will not be born again of the flesh.
Luke October 12th, 1916 Luke comments on the Preacher’s sermon.
Mary Kennedy October 12th, 1916 First message received by Eugene Morgan from his soulmate.
Edwin Forrest October 12th, 1916 Realizing a God of Love and Mercy.
Helen Padgett October 12th, 1916 Helen writes that Forrest is praying for Divine Love and is progressing.
Priscilla Stone October 13th, 1916 Priscilla expresses her great love for her son.
John October 15th, 1916 John often attends Church services with James.
Luke October 16th, 1916 On turning ones’ attention to things of the Spiritual.
John October 19th, 1916 On what should a man do if he is dissatisfied with Church?
Judas October 21st, 1916 Judas writes on the sin against the Holy Spirit.
Helen Padgett October 21st, 1916 Helen confirms that Judas wrote.
Elias October 22nd, 1916 Elias describes the feelings at a Congregation service where Helen was in attendance.
Helen Padgett October 22nd, 1916 Helen was present.
Jesus October 23rd, 1916 Jesus explains to James that he has learnt to work with good Spirits and dark Spirits.
Helen Padgett October 23rd, 1916 Helen affirms to James he is learning to have power and control with his Spirit communication.
Helen Padgett October 26th, 1916 Helen spends a great deal of time with James.
John Padgett October 28th, 1916 On his progress to the 1st Celestial Sphere.
Helen Padgett October 28th, 1916 Helen progresses to a higher Celestial Sphere.
Jesus October 29th, 1916 Jesus teaches that souls will not suffer in darkness for all Eternity.
James October 31st, 1916 When you are at your weakest, then you are strongest.
Jesus November 2nd, 1916 Jesus reveals why he does not attend the horrors of war.
Helen Padgett November 2nd, 1916 Helen confirms that Jesus was glorious when delivering this message.
John November 4th, 1916 Strengthen your hearts in Divine Love.
Grandfather of Eugene Morgan November 4th, 1916 The Grandfather of Eugene writes to his grandson.
Sister of Eugene Morgan November 4th, 1916 Eugene’s sister writes and is very happy.
Hugh Taggart November 4th, 1916 A joyful soul writes to his friend.
Helen Padgett November 4th, 1916 Helen confirms Mr. Morgan’s strengthening of Faith.
Luke November 5th, 1916 On what the Holy Spirit is.
N_____ November 5th, 1916 A Spirit gives an account on his progression.
Wm E Gladstone November 6th, 1916 Gladstone is very concerned for his Country, for England is at War.
Charles Russell November 6th, 1916 In the twinkling of an eye, I saw the falsity of my beliefs.
Kate Stone November 6th, 1916 Dr. Stone’s sister writes.
Jesus November 10th, 1916 Jesus teaches on how the soul of a mortal receives Divine Love, and what a lost soul is.
James Garfield November 17th, 1916 Writes how Ann has helped him so.
Paul November 19th, 1916 Paul writes on the duration of punishment.
Paul November 20th, 1916 Paul continues on the duration of punishment.
Priscilla Stone November 20th, 1916 The Dr.’s Mother comments on her progress and happiness.
Descartes November 20th, 1916 A French philosopher rejects the teachings of Divine Love.
Paul November 21st, 1916 Paul continues on the duration of punishment.
Goliath November 25th, 1916 Goliath affirms there is no re-incarnation and tells his story.
Helen Padgett November 25th, 1916 Helen confirms there is no re-incarnation.
John November 26th, 1916 All souls will progress, the Hells are not Eternal.
Luke November 30th, 1916 The Greatest thing in the entire World is The Divine Love.
Judas December 1st, 1916 Judas advises James not to let his soul become subject to his mortal material mind by choice.
Jesus December 2nd, 1916 The Prayer given to James and mankind by Jesus for the Inflowing of Divine Love.
Robert Ingersoll December 2nd, 1916 Ingersoll confirms that Jesus wrote, and spoke the prayer – Ingersoll is overwhelmed in the Master’s presence.
Helen Padgett December 2nd, 1916 Helen comments on the Master for he was glorious.
Cornelius December 3rd, 1916 Breathe the prayer that Jesus delivered, to the Father.
Esau, son of Isaac December 4th, 1916 On the ownership of God.
Helen Padgett December 5th, 1916 Helen urges James to breathe the prayer to the Father.
Edwin Forrest December 6th, 1916 I tried to commit the prayer to memory, as I need so much help.
John December 8th, 1916 John completes his discourse on The Kingdom of Heaven.
Julius Caesar December 13th, 1916 The light of Divine Love is present and Caesar is humbled.
Elias December 13th, 1916 The hope that all mortals have in future destiny of freedom from care and unhappiness.
Samuel December 13th, 1916 What causes the souls of men the unrest that now exists in the mortal World?
Mary Kennedy December 13th, 1916 On soulmate and the Divine Love.
Priscilla Stone December 16th, 1916 Comments on the Dr.’s out-of-body experience.
Mary Baker Eddy December 17th, 1916 Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy testimony.
Lamlestia December 17th, 1916 Lamlestia describes his story of ancient India.
Helen Padgett December 17th, 1916 Confirms the recent Spirits writing to James were real.
Julius Caesar December 20th, 1916 Caesar is now a grateful Spirit.
Helen Padgett December 20th, 1916 Helen confirms that Caesar wrote.
Jesus December 24th, 1916 Jesus teaches what the Sword of Truth is and what it is not.
Helen Padgett December 24th, 1916 Helen comments on the cause of War.
Elias December 25th, 1916 On the Law of Compensation and Truth.
William Stone December 28th, 1916 A loving message.
Judge Syrick December 28th, 1916 The Judge speaks again.
General Henkle December 28th, 1916 Marvels at the wonderful things of Spirit and Love.
John December 29th, 1916 On the Second Coming of Jesus.
Helen Padgett December 31st, 1916 A New Year’s Eve service.

The Years: 1914 - 1915 - 1915b - 1916 - 1917 - 1918 - 1919 - 1920

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