The Padgett Messages

Welcome to the worldwide reading of the Padgett Messages. This website introduces the spirit messages received by James Padgett.

The Padgett Messages

What are the Padgett Messages ?

The Padgett Messages are a Spiritual work and are of great interest to those seeking knowledge and further experience with Spirit and learnings of the soul.

Reading the Padgett Messages in their chronological order allows us as the reader to participate in the experience that evolves as James Padgett receives these messages from Spirits.

To begin with the first message from his lovely wife Helen and to follow the events that transpire is a journey of Spiritual delight and insight for the souls of the readers as the Realm of Spirit is truly illuminated.

So who was James Padgett?

James Padgett lived in Washington D.C., and was a respected Lawyer of the day and it was in Washington that he received these messages from Spirit.

James Padgett lost his wife Helen in February of 1914 and it was the loss of his wife and the love that he had for Helen that found him seeking input at a Séance, hoping that Helen would communicate a message of love for him.

The medium confirmed and instructed James that he possessed the gift of automatic handwriting and that he could receive messages himself and so he set his heart to this new task at hand.

Helen did succeed in delivering her first of many messages to James on the 31st of May, 1914 and together they completed an amazing and far-reaching Spiritual experience.

There are many messages conveyed to James that are of a personal and intimate nature, and we as the reader are privileged to see how these messages unfold throughout this remarkable experience.

To Read The Padgett Messages of Love and Peace

What is the experience of reading The Padgett Messages ?

The experience of reading The Padgett Messages introduces many Spiritual and contemporary themes such as soul-mates, the Law of Attraction, life after death, Immortality, Spiritual environments, soulful healing, Spirit communication, the soul and the Loves – Natural Love and Divine Love, Realms of Spirit and mortal experience, elements that help form an image of the Celestial Heavens and inspired perceptions that give insight into the nature of our mortal soul.


There are many more themes that are explored and revealed throughout the Messages yet the primary message of the Messages is the introduction to Divine Love and the workings of this Love.

Throughout all the Messages, there will be a message that inspires and resonates with each reader. It is wonderful to read these Messages in this presentation where the actual Messages and factual events are in keeping to the best of our abilities, within their dates of receiving and the continuity that was lived by James, Eugene, and Dr. Stone.

We can begin at the first message and read through the days; months and years to the last message received in 1920, knowing that we share in this experience as we participate here and now on our own soul’s Spiritual journey.

Who are the Padgett Messages For?

This presentation of The Padgett Messages is transparent and an open presentation so that the reader may form their own experience without an agenda or pre-existing conditions based on any material contained within the messages.

The Messages are for mankind and for all souls and are able to be read and understood by the hearts of all men and women. The Messages are bone-fide for the experience of Divine Love that we can breathe into our souls confirms the availability of this experience and confirms that the Spirits writing and conveying these Messages are not false but are true teachers of Divine Love and that James Padgett’s gift of automatic handwriting and communications with Spirits is genuine.

The Padgett Messages have been read worldwide and there are many individuals whom are familiar and accepting of this work, it is truly wonderful to be able to read these Messages in their respective order as they were given and conveyed to James Padgett for this depicts the mortal relationship with Spirit which many of us are seeking to understand.

The worldwide reading of The Padgett Messages is well underway, and many souls are enjoying their own individual experience in their faith in Divine Love and learning of all soul-related Spiritual insight into the Natural Love of man and the Divine Love of God that is contained and revealed throughout these Padgett Messages.

Although The Padgett Messages were received early last Century, the essential teachings of Divine Love and the essence of each Message is as relevant today and tomorrow as it was when James Padgett first received these Spiritual messages.

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