Author Date The Essence of the Message
Helen Padgett January 5, 1919 Helen confirms the previous message on Mediumship.
Baruch Spinoza January 5, 1919 Spinoza writes on Mediumship.
Francis Bacon January 6, 1919 A message of insight on Spirit identification.
Jesus January 12, 1919 Jesus teaches on sharing the Truths.
Helen Padgett January 12, 1919 Helen informs James of the importance of receiving Jesus’ messages.
Robert Owen February 11, 1919 Robert comments on Spiritualism.
Job February 19, 1919 Job comments a book James is reading, is devoid of Divine Love teachings.
John February 19, 1919 John explains the difference of Divine Love and Natural Love.
Helen Padgett February 19, 1919 Helen explains that James has been looked after by Spirits.
Jesus March 3, 1919 Jesus tells James, how James spent the day with dark Spirits and was not happy.
Emerson March 6, 1919 A perfect Natural Love Spirit communicates.
Luke March 9, 1919 A commentary on the errors of a modern Spiritual Movement of the day.
John March 12, 1919 The True meaning of "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God".
Ann Rollins March 12, 1919 Ann writes on the importance of knowing the Way to the Celestial Kingdom.
Abraham Lincoln March 13, 1919 A discourse on perfect Laws in Natural Love.
Helen Padgett March 13, 1919 Helen confirms previous messages adding that Lincoln is with Divine Love.
George Butler March 15, 1919 Thanking James for I have now seen the light.
John Rogers March 23, 1919 An unhappy Spirit asks James for help.
Jesus April 7, 1919 Jesus teaches that God is Soul.
Jesus April 8, 1919 Jesus teaches not to have doubts.
John Richards April 13, 1919 A commentary on Mrs. Kate’s Séance.
Helen Padgett April 13, 1919 Helen comments on Mr. Richard’s message.
John Johnson April 18, 1919 Comments on the book James is reading.
Helen Padgett April 18, 1919 Helen confirms that a beautiful Spirit wrote previous message.
Helen Padgett April 19, 1919 Helen comments on the themes of the book James is reading.
Helen Padgett April 23, 1919 Helen comments on a sick man.
Arbelee April 24, 1919 The father of the sick man writes of his love for his son.
Helen Padgett April 24, 1919 Helen confirms that the father wrote of his sick son.
Helen Padgett/Mary Kennedy April 26, 1919 Helen and Mary write to their soulmates again.
Helen Padgett May 11, 1919 Helen comments on the Preacher’s Sermon of a Spiritual Movement of the day.
Francis Bacon May 26, 1919 Francis on the continuity of life after death.
Helen Padgett May 26, 1919 Helen confirms that Francis Bacon wrote.
Jesus June 15, 1919 Jesus teaches on The Divine Love and that a modern Spiritual Movement of the day does not teach the Truth of Divine Love.
Spencer June 18, 1919 Comments on the significance of these messages of Divine Truth reaching mankind.
Jesus October 18, 1919 Jesus teaches on the knowledge of Divine Love.