Author Date The Essence of the Message
John January 4, 1918 On the Law of Rapport and Communication.
Jesus January 6, 1918 Jesus teaches of the soul with Divine Love.
Helen Padgett January 6, 1918 Helen confirms the Master wrote and was with James.
Elizabeth January 6, 1918 What a wonderful thing Divine Love is.
Helen Padgett January 9, 1918 Helen comments on Billy Sunday’s sermon.
Ann Rollins January 12, 1918 Ann writes on the soul praying for Divine Love.
Mary Kennedy January 12, 1918 Mary writes there is only one soulmate.
Frederick January 22, 1918 A comment on the war of the day.
Elias January 27, 1918 Informs the world of these teachings.
John January 27, 1918 James is not of soul condition to receive communication from High Celestial Spirits.
Helen Padgett January 27, 1918 Helen confirms the two previous messages.
Mary Kennedy January 29, 1918 Mary writes on the poor soul without Divine Love.
Auguste Comte February 1, 1918 A Spirit finds out about Divine Love.
Helen Padgett February 1, 1918 Helen describes the Philosopher who wrote the previous message.
Jesus February 19, 1918 Jesus teaches soul development to James.
Helen Padgett February 22, 1918 The silver stream of love.
Jesus February 23, 1918 Jesus teaches on Judgment.
Helen Padgett February 23, 1918 Helen is pleased James is in better condition.
Jesus February 25, 1918 Jesus teaches more on Judgment.
John March 2, 1918 John clarifies his work in the Bible.
Jesus March 3, 1918 Jesus teaches on The Christ and the Spirit of Truth.
John March 10, 1918 A message about future prediction.
Ross Perry April 3, 1918 At the Séance.
Baruch Spinoza April 14, 1918 James is visited by a Philosopher.
John April 14, 1918 John advises James not to receive natural love Spirit messages.
Jesus April 18, 1918 Jesus desires to encourage James’ soul development.
Luke April 25, 1918 On the soul, religion and the Church.
Ross Perry April 27, 1918 Ross is praying for Divine Love and explains his improvement.
James April 28, 1918 On a visit to Church.
Helen Padgett April 28, 1918 Helen comments that the Master was with him.
Mary Kennedy May 1, 1918 Mary is progressing in Divine Love.
Charles Wilson May 16, 1918 A friend of the Dr. seeks help to find the Divine Love.
Jesus May 20, 1918 Jesus comments on Biblical Prophecy –(Matt.24)
Helen Padgett May 20, 1918 Helen confirms that the Master wrote.
Helen Padgett May 21, 1918 Helen confirms the importance of men and women learning of the Truths of Divine Love.
John June 7, 1918 John explains the responsibility of James’, Eugene and the Dr.’s work.
Helen Padgett June 13, 1918 Helen confirms previous message.
Mary Baker Eddy June 13, 1918 Undoing false teachings in contrast to the Truths of Divine Love.
Helen Padgett June 20, 1918 Helen explains the sudden passing of their daughter, Nita.
John Wesley June 21, 1918 Many Spirits attend the Service for James’ daughter.
Helen Padgett June 21, 1918 Helen writes more on their daughter’s passing.
John July 5, 1918 Comments on a popular book of the day.
Jesus July 8, 1918 Jesus writes to cheer James up after the passing of James’ daughter.
Helen Padgett July 8, 1918 Helen writes to James that their daughter is happy in Spirit.
Charles Russel July 31, 1918 Charles explains the falsity of his teachings.
Helen Padgett July 31, 1918 Helen confirms Pastor Russel wrote.
Stainton Moses September 14, 1918 Confirms that the book he wrote does not contain the teachings of the soul’s New-Birth.
John September 23, 1918 On praying and rapport in Divine Love.
Helen Padgett September 23, 1918 Helen suggests that James listen to John’s advice and to receive a message from his daughter, Nita.
Nita Padgett October 14, 1918 Nita writes to her father James.
Helen Padgett October 14, 1918 Helen writes about their family love.
John October 22, 1918 On the Laws of Rapport and Communication.
Jesus October 25, 1918 Jesus explains James’ mediumistic ability.
Helen Padgett October 29, 1918 Helen writes that the Bible is not accurate to its authors.
Helen Padgett October 30, 1918 Helen writes on the non-existence of the knowledge of Divine Love in the Old Testament.
Stephen November 13, 1918 On defining the meaning of The Divine Nature.
Helen Padgett November 13, 1918 Helen affirms that Stephen wrote.
John Wesley November 15, 1918 A Natural soul comments on what he thinks the Natural Laws are.
Helen Padgett November 15, 1918 An affirmation that John Wesley wrote.
Francis Bacon November 20, 1918 The healing of the body and soul require different Laws.
Longiticus November 25, 1918 Another Natural discourse from a Philosopher.
Helen Padgett November 25, 1918 Helen sees that James is dissatisfied with two previous discourses.
Helen Padgett November 26, 1918 Helen writes on various loves.
Peter November 29, 1918 Peter writes on Forgiveness.
Francis Bacon December 1, 1918 Francis writes more on the material of the Universe.
Helen Padgett December 1, 1918 Love, and pray to the Father.
Matthew December 16, 1918 Matthew writes on Salvation.
Helen Padgett December 24, 1918 Helen describes how Spirits and mortals come close at world and earthly events.
Jay Hudson December 26, 1918 The author of a book accepts he was in error to the Divine Love in his writings.
Nita December 29, 1918 James’ daughter writes her second letter.
Helen Padgett December 29, 1918 Helen writes on their daughter’s progress.