AuthorDateThe Essence of the Message
John PadgettMay 31, 1914 The second message: James receives guidance from John his father for the work that is to come from Spirit.
JesusSeptember 12, 1914 The third message: James receives the first words of love from Jesus.
Helen PadgettSeptember 12, 1914 Helen confirms that Jesus wrote, from the Spirit World.
John PadgettSeptember 12, 1914 John reassures his son James that Jesus did write and was present.
Ann RollinsSeptember 12, 1914 James receives his first message from his Grandmother Ann Rollins
John PadgettSeptember 14, 1914 John reassures his son James and confirms Jesus did write and was present and not a Spirit impersonating Jesus.
Helen PadgettSeptember 14, 1914 Helen conveys her love to James from the Spirit World.
Ann RollinsSeptember 14, 1914 Give my love to your friend
Ann RollinsSeptember 15, 1914 The first soulful teaching of the New-Birth
Ann PadgettSeptember 15, 1914 The first message received from James’ mother Ann expressing her love for her son.
Ann RollinsSeptember 24, 1914 Ann reassures James with love.
Helen PadgettSeptember 24, 1914 Helen reassures James with love.
Ann PadgettSeptember 24, 1914 Ann reassures James with love.
JesusSeptember 24, 1914 Jesus begins his soulful teachings of Divine Love… let me teach you.
John PadgettSeptember 24, 1914 John reassures his son James once again.
Bright StarSeptember 24, 1914 A message of love from the Spirit, Bright Star.
JesusSeptember 28, 1914 Jesus speaks to James as a loving brother.
Ann RollinsSeptember 28, 1914 Ann describes her home in the 7th Sphere
JesusSeptember 29, 1914 Give your best endeavors to the spreading of the messages
Ann PadgettOctober 5, 1914 I am your loving Mother.
JesusOctober 5, 1914 You are the messenger to carry my Gospel to mankind.
Helen PadgettNovember 3, 1914 The Gift of Spirit.
Helen PadgettNovember 8, 1914 Ann dictates a message to Helen and James explaining Jesus is not God.
Ann RollinsNovember 11, 1914 Ann answers many questions that James has asked in his learning of the Kingdom.
Thomas PadgettNovember 14, 1914 A Grand Uncle introduces himself to James.
Helen PadgettNovember 16, 1914 Helen realizes her own true Heavenly Father’s Love and is soon to progress to the 3rd Sphere.
Helen PadgettNovember 30, 1914 Helen celebrates her arrival in the 3rd Sphere and shares the glory of her new environment.
Helen PadgettDecember 5, 1914 Helen desires to help James and asks for his trust.
Ann PadgettDecember 5, 1914 Ann, his mother, gives James good sound advice.
Ann RollinsDecember 5, 1914 Ann, his Grandmother, gives James good sound advice too.
Helen PadgettDecember 8, 1914 Helen describes this form of Spirit communication that James has commenced in his writings with Spirits.
Helen PadgettDecember 9, 1914 Helen describes her transition from mortal life to Spirit life.
HelenDecember 12, 1914 A word from Helen.
Helen PadgettDecember 12, 1914 I love you.
Ann RollinsDecember 12, 1914 A beautiful message defining Love.
A.G.RiddleDecember 16, 1914 A friend and old business partner shares his awakening into life as a Spirit.
Helen PadgettDecember 16, 1914 Faith influences lost Spirits.
JesusDecember 17, 1914 Encourages James to be more faithful so he can convey first teaching message of Divine Love.
Ann RollinsDecember 17, 1914 Confirmation that Jesus loves James Padgett.
Joseph SalyardsDecember 18, 1914 Defines experiences in Spirit life.
Helen PadgettDecember 18, 1914 Helen confirms to James that Prof. Salyards wrote.
Helen PadgettDecember 20, 1914 Comments on James’ pleasant day with Spiritualist friends.
Ann PadgettDecember 20, 1914 James learns of his parent’s soulmate.
Helen PadgettDecember 25, 1914 On this Christmas Eve.
JesusDecember 25, 1914 Jesus begins James’ understandings on why he selected James to do this work.
Ann RollinsDecember 25, 1914 James is a very favored man.
Helen PadgettDecember 25, 1914 There is no need to worry now.
A.G. RiddleDecember 27, 1914 Delights in sharing his progression in Divine Love.
Helen PadgettDecember 27, 1914 In Divine Love James has progressed and is near the Kingdom.
Joseph SalyardsDecember 28, 1914 Companions in Divine Love in the 3rd Sphere, delightful.
Helen PadgettDecember 29, 1914 Who will find my soulmate for me?
Helen PadgettDecember 30, 1914 Helen writes a message for Dr. Stone, a friend of James’.
John PadgettDecember 31, 1914 Father and son share a Spiritual conversation.