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This website has been created to introduce and present The Padgett Messages in a modern format that retains the continuity of the time when James Padgett with the assistance of Eugene Morgan and Dr. Leslie Stone received messages that were conveyed by Spirits.

Here is an excerpt of a teaching received by James Padgett …


“But the questions are asked, whence comes the soul, by whom created, how does it become incarnated in man and for what purpose, and what is its destiny?

If the body were allowed to remain of life without its soul it would soon fail to fulfil the object of its creation. Mankind without soul would cease to exist as inhabitants of the earth.

But the soul is the vital, living and never dying part of man or woman – is truly the individual – the only attribute that in natural love or with Divine Love was intended to continue an existence in the human afterlife – the living spirit world.”

James Padgett was 62 years of age when he received the following spirit communications through his gift of automatic handwriting between 1914 to 1920. And the story of Immortality and Divine Love continues

The Padgett Messages

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