AuthorDateThe Essence of the Message
Martin LutherSeptember 5, 1915 Luther comments on some of the errors in the Bible.
LukeSeptember 5, 1915 Luke comments on some errors in the Bible and his Gospel.
Ann RollinsSeptember 5, 1915 Ann comments that only Divine Love removes sin and error.
JesusSeptember 5, 1915 Jesus teaches on corrections and errors in the Bible.
AmanSeptember 7, 1915 Aman, of the First Parents gives description of their Fall from Grace.
JohnSeptember 7, 1915 John clarifies his vision and Revelation in the Bible and comments on error and Truth.
Mary KennedySeptember 7, 1915 Mary writes to her soulmate again.
John the BaptistSeptember 7, 1915 John the Baptist reveals how these Truths of Divine Love may be received by mortals.
Ann RollinsSeptember 9, 1915 James asks about the Baptism and Ann answers.
JesusSeptember 12, 1915 Jesus teaches only the Father’s Divine Love saves the soul and not his blood.
JehosephatSeptember 12, 1915 A Testimonial of Divine Love.
JohnSeptember 12, 1915 John advises James to relinquish ideas of the Bible to fulfill the Master’s Teachings of Divine Love.
LotSeptember 13, 1915 Lot helps James with his progress.
BunyanSeptember 13, 1915 John Bunyan describes his understanding of Jesus and God.
Helen PadgettSeptember 13, 1915 James and the Dr. meet in the park and Helen describes the many Spirits who were with them.
James BlaineSeptember 14, 1915 James Blaine confirms that he is a wonderful Medium.
ShemSeptember 16, 1915 Shem describes his knowledge of the New-Birth in Divine Love.
Julius CaesarSeptember 16, 1915 Caesar introduces himself to James and asks the Prof. for help.
Helen PadgettSeptember 16, 1915 Helen confirms that Caesar and other Spirits have written.
AndrewSeptember 17, 1915 Divine Love casteth out all fear.
LukeSeptember 17, 1915 Luke dispels some errors in the Bible.
JesusSeptember 19, 1915 Jesus teaches some Truths on Divine Love.
Helen PadgettSeptember 19, 1915 Helen goes to Church with James.
John the BaptistSeptember 20, 1915 John the Baptist writes on the Fountainhead of Truth.
MarkSeptember 20, 1915 Mark reassures James that he writes with True Spirits.
StephenSeptember 20, 1915 Stephen strengthens James’ faith.
JohnSeptember 20, 1915 A word of encouragement to believe.
JosephusSeptember 20, 1915 Affirms Jesus lived in Palestine.
William MeloySeptember 20, 1915 On studying the Laws of the soul.
Helen PadgettSeptember 20, 1915 Helen confirms Mr. Meloy wrote his message.
LazarusSeptember 21, 1915 Lazarus confirms that Spirits write to James.
Robert IngersollSeptember 23, 1915 Ingersoll is praying for Divine Love.
A.G.RiddleSeptember 24, 1915 Riddle is pleased with Ingersoll’s conversion to Divine Love.
John the BaptistSeptember 24, 1915 John the Baptist is interested in the salvation of all men and women.
SebastobelSeptember 24, 1915 A Natural Spirit who investigates Law and Truth discovers the Divine Love.
InaladocieSeptember 25, 1915 A very ancient Spirit gives a message on natural fear and love.
JohnSeptember 25, 1915 John, on the difference of inhabited Spheres.
JamesSeptember 25, 1915 A description of soul progress and attraction
JohnSeptember 26, 1915 Efficacy of faith in God.
JesusSeptember 26, 1915 Jesus confirms his status in the Spirit World.
Helen PadgettSeptember 26, 1915 Helen affirms that Jesus has chosen James for this work.
JohnSeptember 27, 1915 John affirming that Jesus is glorious and has complete authority when teaching of the Father’s Divine Love.
A.G. RiddleSeptember 27, 1915 The sheer presence of Jesus is most splendid.
Ann RollinsSeptember 27, 1915 Ann is spellbound by the Master’s glory.
Robert IngersollSeptember 27, 1915 Ingersoll is agnostic no longer, is in awe of the beauty of Jesus.
Helen Padgett & Mary KennedySeptember 28, 1915 All share in the love of James, the Dr. and the Master.
John the BaptistSeptember 30, 1915 Let not your heart be troubled.
JohnSeptember 30, 1915 A friendly word of encouragement.
BarnabasSeptember 30, 1915 Go to the Father and seek His aid.
John WesleySeptember 30, 1915 An affirmation.
John GarnerSeptember 30, 1915 Let your worries go.
Ross PerryOctober 1, 1915 An old friend desires to be led from darkness to light.
John LaytonOctober 1, 1915 On the magnificence of high Spirits that write.
SaleebaOctober 1, 1915 On the glory of Jesus.
Robert IngersollOctober 1, 1915 I must have been a poor soul when on Earth.
SolomanOctober 1, 1915 Solomon writes on why James was selected.
Helen PadgettOctober 1, 1915 Affirmation that Solomon wrote.
JesusOctober 3, 1915 Jesus teaches on the Truths after a visit to the Church with James.
JohnOctober 3, 1915 John is affirming that Jesus has also selected Dr. Stone to help in the work in the messages.
JohnOctober 5, 1915 The importance of prayer for Divine Love so good works can be taught.
A.G.RiddleOctober 6, 1915 Riddle confirms that Jesus and the Dr. are correct in their learning of the Truth.
William StephensonOctober 6, 1915 A Natural love Spirit states love never dies.
JayemasOctober 7, 1915 A Natural love Spirit commentary.
JamesOctober 8, 1915 A testimony that Jesus is the living and true son of God, and personal history.
John CarollOctober 8, 1915 Believe in The Divine Love.
SaleebaOctober 8, 1915 Happily progressing in Divine Love.
Helen PadgettOctober 8, 1915 An intimate message of love.
Mary KennedyOctober 8, 1915 Mary gives account of her mortal life
St JeromeOctober 10, 1915 Did not know of Divine Love as a mortal.
JesusOctober 10, 1915 Jesus teaches on Faith and how it can be obtained.
Joseph SalyardsOctober 10, 1915 The Prof. writes on the effects of Divine Love in his soul.
SaulOctober 10, 1915 Encourages James to let his Faith increase.
GomesesOctober 10, 1915 Advises James to listen to the Master.
CaligulaOctober 11, 1915 His soulmate finds him; he rises from the darkness in the Glory of Divine Love.
SaleebaOctober 16, 1915 Saleeba thanks James for his help.
JohnOctober 16, 1915 John states that James is very near the Kingdom.
Helen PadgettOctober 19, 1915 Helen confirms the two old Generals wrote and Riddle is helping them.
Martin LutherOctober 19, 1915 Luther advises James the book he is reading is not accurate.
Ulysses S. GrantOctober 19, 1915 Is surprised James’ Celestial band of Spirits allows him to write his message.
Wm. T. ShermanOctober 19, 1915 Is frustrated that he cannot write his own name, and will seek out help from Mr. Riddle, the General is humbled.
SarahOctober 23, 1915 Sarah, wife of Abraham is with Divine Love.
AaronOctober 23, 1915 A man who lived a mortal life when Divine Love was not available to mankind.
CarlyleOctober 24, 1915 Writes on his understanding of the True Resurrection.
LukeOctober 24, 1915 Luke explains the de-materialization of Jesus’ body on Earth.
CaligulaOctober 25, 1915 On the progress of the soul.
JesusOctober 25, 1915 Jesus teaches on soul perceptions.
PeterOctober 26, 1915 Peter affirms Paul’s message.
SaleebaOctober 26, 1915 Saleeba is even happier now and gives account of her life.
PaulOctober 26, 1915 Paul expands on Biblical errors, a comprehensive message.
Helene HortenseOctober 27, 1915 Reveals that no-one on Earth taught her of Divine Love and is now in her New-Birth.
Alexander CampbellOctober 28, 1915 Campbell explains his teachings on Earth were in error to the True teachings of the New-Birth in Divine Love.
JamesOctober 28, 1915 James writes in favor of Dr. Stone and is his Spirit guide.
JohnOctober 28, 1915 John explains to James that a little Spirit called Rosebud followed him home from a Medium.
Peter BuerlyOctober 29, 1915 Peter, an old school friend writes.
Helen PadgettOctober 30, 1915 Helen affirms to James the beautiful messages he has received from Spirits.
Eugene Morgan's motherOctober 30, 1915 Tells of her love for her son.
JesusOctober 30, 1915 Jesus informs James that Eugene Morgan is a naturally Spiritual man.
Chas LathamOctober 31, 1915 Preacher of the Reformation in England and died as a martyr corroborates Luke’s message.
PaulOctober 31, 1915 Paul confirms that every soul can obtain Divine Love. There is no unpardonable sin.
LukeOctober 31, 1915 Luke illustrates the error taught by a Preacher on the unpardonable sin.
Ann RollinsNovember 1, 1915 Ann writes on the error of the unpardonable sin.
Graf von MoltkeNovember 1, 1915 Another ambitious Spirit speaks of the German-French War and is without Divine Love.
NapoleonNovember 1, 1915 Napoleon, lover of his Country and ambition is without Divine Love.
John the BaptistNovember 1, 1915 A Spirit, who forgets his name, cannot accept the teachings of the New-Birth, John the Baptist helps write the message.
Helen PadgettNovember 1, 1915 Helen confirms that the Frenchman and the German wrote on the event of the War.
MatthewNovember 2, 1915 Matthew begins to write on the nature of soul.
CorneliusNovember 2, 1915 Another Spirit writes on the nature of soul.
SemiramisNovember 2, 1915 A Greek maiden details her life and is with Divine Love.
SaelishNovember 3, 1915 Ann and Saleeba help a Natural Spirit who was an Assyrian, embrace the Divine Love.
LeekesiNovember 4, 1915 Another Assyrian has ascended to the Celestial Sphere in Divine Love.
GregoryNovember 7, 1915 In his humility he states what soul religion means.
CritcherNovember 7, 1915 A disappointed Spirit.
Helen PadgettNovember 7, 1915 Helen identified Spirits who attended a séance with James, including Rosebud.
St CrysostomNovember 8, 1915 First message that mentions the possibility of a book being published of these messages.
JesusNovember 8, 1915 A very important message from Jesus on James helping other mortals to find Truth.
MosesNovember 9, 1915 Moses writes on the importance of Jews coming to know about the Divine Love.
PlatoNovember 11, 1915 The philosopher, Plato writes that he is with Divine Love.
John PadgettNovember 11, 1915 John assures his son that they will not abandon James’ friends in Spirit.
Morgan's motherNovember 11, 1915 Eugene’s mother welcomes Morgan’s friend Jenny, when she arrives in Spirit.
Helen PadgettNovember 13, 1915 Helen investigates the subject on babies arriving in Spirit.
William StoneNovember 14, 1915 The Dr.’s Father is his Guardian Angel.
Helen PadgettNovember 19, 1915 Helen advises James that a pamphlet he is reading about the Sabbath is in error.
Joseph SalyardsNovember 21, 1915 On who and what God is.
StephenNovember 21, 1915 More on who and what God is.
Thomas B MunroeNovember 21, 1915 God is love and not fear.
Helen PadgettNovember 21, 1915 Helen comments on a Preacher’s discourse.
JesusNovember 22, 1915 Jesus teaches on the personality of God.
LukeNovember 22, 1915 Luke follows with who and what God is.
William StoneNovember 23, 1915 William writes to the Dr., his son again.
Priscilla & Kate StoneNovember 23, 1915 The family of Dr. Stone writes of their love.
Mary KennedyNovember 23, 1915 Mary is happy when permitted to write of her love of the Dr.
JohnNovember 23, 1915 The Truth on helping one soul and another.
JesusNovember 25, 1915 Jesus teaches James and all of us on the Loving Nature of the Father.
JohnDecember 2, 1915 The Master has just written.
JesusDecember 2, 1915 Jesus teaches that "my coming to you is really my Second Coming on Earth".
JamesDecember 2, 1915 In the presence of Jesus.
RiddleDecember 2, 1915 Riddle becomes elated having seen the Master.
Ann RollinsDecember 2, 1915 We are all overwhelmed when Jesus writes and teaches of the Divine Love.
Helen PadgettDecember 2, 1915 Helen confirms that the Master wrote.
Helen PadgettDecember 4, 1915 A sweetheart message of a dream-call.
LukeDecember 5, 1915 A discussion on Spiritualism.
JesusDecember 5, 1915 Jesus teaches on the Drama of St. Paul.
PaulDecember 5, 1915 The shock of the Voice.
Helen PadgettDecember 6, 1915 Give us a kiss…
Thomas JeffersonDecember 9, 1915 Is now a lover of God.
Daniel WebsterDecember 9, 1915 Mankind needs the Truths presented.
Samuel MillsDecember 9, 1915 A former Lawyer friend in Spirit is suffering.
John NewmanDecember 9, 1915 A reformed Preacher has found his progress in Divine Love.
JesusDecember 14, 1915 Jesus is filled with so much love for James.
JesusDecember 15, 1915 Jesus selects Dr. Stone to serve.
Helen & MaryDecember 15, 1915 Helen and Mary joyfully share their love for their soulmates.
SwedenborgDecember 17, 1915 Swedenborg writes on the Hells.
HerodDecember 18, 1915 Herod writes on the Hells.
JohnDecember 18, 1915 The Truth on the Hells.
Helen PadgettDecember 18, 1915 Helen confirms Herod wrote.
JesusDecember 20, 1915 Jesus teacher with love, that Love is the greatest thing in all God’s Universe.
Helen PadgettDecember 22, 1915 A beautiful new garment.
John B ComeysDecember 22, 1915 A description of Spirits when they first enter the Spirit World.
Judge SyrickDecember 22, 1915 The Judge confirms on Helen’s beauty.
Ann RollinsDecember 22, 1915 Description on some of the Spheres, a wonderful message.
JesusDecember 25, 1915 Jesus teaches many Truths pertaining to the True Kingdom of God.
Mary KennedyDecember 26, 1915 A love letter to her soulmate.
Helen PadgettDecember 27, 1915 Helen advises James not to send a letter.
JesusDecember 27, 1915 Jesus suggests that James could send the letter.
JesusDecember 28, 1915 Jesus assures James that these messages will be accepted as man could not create them.
Helen PadgettDecember 28, 1915 Helen writes of the 3rd Celestial Sphere.
JesusDecember 28, 1915 Jesus teaches on the importance of men and women seeking the Divine Love.
Helen Padgett and Mary KennedyDecember 29, 1915 Helen and Mary share with their soulmates.
LukeDecember 30, 1915 Luke begins on the Atonement, pt.1