AuthorDateThe Essence of the Message
JesusJanuary 2, 1917 Jesus teaches the significance of showing Spirits and mortals the way to Divine Love.
Helen PadgettJanuary 2, 1917 The Master wrote to you, my love.
LukeJanuary 4, 1917 Natural belief does not create Truth or change Truth.
JohnJanuary 5, 1917 James’ material concerns could prevent the Spirits’ efforts.
SamuelJanuary 7, 1917 A short message of confirmation.
JohnJanuary 7, 1917 A discourse on prophecy.
Helen PadgettJanuary 7, 1917 Helen confirms the discourse on prophecy.
B__January 8, 1917 It is hard to learn of Heavenly things in Hell.
JamesJanuary 8, 1917 James provides some insight for the Dr. and James’ work.
Helen PadgettJanuary 8, 1917 Helen confirms that the Spirit who conveyed the previous message is in darkness.
LukeJanuary 8, 1917 Luke expands on the previous message.
Samuel ShannonJanuary 8, 1917 On the arrogance of a Spirit in Natural love who belittles James and the Dr.
John BunyanJanuary 9, 1917 On the Law of Compensation.
Ann RollinsJanuary 9, 1917 Ann provides a little on her condition, when as a mortal.
Helen PadgettJanuary 9, 1917 Helen confirms the two previous messages.
A. G. RiddleJanuary 12, 1917 Riddle confirms the Spanish Martyr wrote previous message.
Los TrenosJanuary 12, 1917 A Spirit gives a first-hand account of the Spanish Inquisition.
Helen PadgettJanuary 14, 1917 Helen comments that the book "The Great Controversy" is full of error and untruth.
John LondonJanuary 15, 1917 Many spirits are in a poor soul condition of darkness.
SameraJanuary 15, 1917 A Natural love Spirit writes on natural belief.
NeroJanuary 16, 1917 Nero gives an account of his soul condition and his humility.
Judge SyrickJanuary 18, 1917 A test of James’ soul perceptions by the Judge.
Helen PadgettJanuary 18, 1917 Helen confirms the test of James’ soul perceptions.
Laura BurroughsJanuary 19, 1917 Cousin Laura writes again.
JohnJanuary 19, 1917 John advises James to take more care with his reading material.
George LuckettJanuary 19, 1917 A Spirit expresses interest in learning about soulmates.
Helen PadgettJanuary 19, 1917 Helen confirms the three previous messages and that the fellow is seeking his soulmate.
ElamerosJanuary 22, 1917 A Spirit gives detail account on hearing Jesus teach when as a mortal on Earth.
Helen PadgettJanuary 22, 1917 Helen comments on the Ancient Greek’s message.
ElohiamJanuary 23, 1917 A Sanhedrin Judge gives an account of his role in the mortal judgment of Jesus.
Helen PadgettJanuary 24, 1917 Helen writes that the Spirit of the previous message went with the Prof. to learn of Divine Love.
William CorneliesJanuary 24, 1917 William is interested in the Essence of the Father.
George CalvertJanuary 31, 1917 The Salvation of an old school friend in darkness, finds Divine Love.
Martin LutherJanuary 31, 1917 The Bible is full of contradictions and error.
SaulJanuary 31, 1917 God is not the God of any race, but of the individual.
BismarckFebruary 1, 1917 Comment on previous message, and the War of the day.
Helen PadgettFebruary 1, 1917 Helen comments on the two previous messages.
James BlaineFebruary 1, 1917 I know what the Rulers of various Nations contemplate.
LukeFebruary 5, 1917 The condition of Spirits in the twilight-zone in their Natural love.
JohnFebruary 6, 1917 John writes on the importance of Jesus’ Prayer.
Priscilla StoneFebruary 6, 1917 Mrs. Stone writes a short message.
Helen PadgettFebruary 6, 1917 Helen confirms that John and the Dr.’s Mother wrote.
CorneliusFebruary 7, 1917 The Centurion encourages this new work of presenting the Truths.
EliasFebruary 7, 1917 Elias confirms the importance and significance of this work.
Abraham LincolnFebruary 8, 1917 Love is greater than hate.
President McKinleyFebruary 8, 1917 The Spirit world is interested in the Great Conflict of WWI.
Mrs. WilsonFebruary 8, 1917 Mrs. Wilson writes on the war of the day.
Kaiser's grandfather, WilliamFebruary 8, 1917 More commentary on the events of this war.
Col CookFebruary 8, 1917 More commentary on the events of this war.
Queen VictoriaFebruary 8, 1917 More commentary on the events of this war.
Nathan PlummerFebruary 8, 1917 A dark Spirit gives a personal account of his condition.
Helen PadgettFebruary 8, 1917 Helen confirms the dignitaries of the day, describing WWI.
JohnFebruary 11, 1917 This message describes the progress of the soul.
JesusFebruary 13, 1917 Jesus teaches about soul condition.
Ann PadgettFebruary 13, 1917 Many of your friends are here tonight in Spirit.
Helen PadgettFebruary 13, 1917 An old friend, Wm Perry, was disappointed he could not write.
TaggartFebruary 16, 1917 A message on love as Judas helps with individuals who suicide when as mortals.
Perry's motherFebruary 16, 1917 Mrs. Perry writes about the condition of her son’s soul.
Helen PadgettFebruary 16, 1917 Helen confirms that Perry has been helped to find the Divine Love.
LukeFebruary 17, 1917 What do the Celestial Spirits think about the war?
John CalhounFebruary 25, 1917 Still working for his Country.
Sir Walter RaleighFebruary 25, 1917 Raleigh writes on his progression to the 4th Sphere.
James GarfieldFebruary 27, 1917 Comments on the affairs of our County.
Edwin ForrestFebruary 27, 1917 Forrest is out of darkness and in the light of Love.
Martin LutherFebruary 28, 1917 Luther comments on Swedenborgian pamphlet entitled "Incarnate God"
Chauncey GilesFebruary 28, 1917 Giles changes his belief for he was once a Swedenborgian.
Helen PadgettFebruary 28, 1917 Helen confirms the two previous messages.
JesusMarch 2, 1917 Jesus teaches on the soul: what it is and what it is not.
Samuel MillsMarch 3, 1917 Mills is impressed by Forrest’s progress.
Edwin ForrestMarch 4, 1917 Forrest rejoices in his progress and is feeling as light as air.
R Ross PerryMarch 4, 1917 Perry is feeling better and is grateful.
Perry's motherMarch 4, 1917 Perry’s mother is thankful.
Helen PadgettMarch 4, 1917 Helen writes that Perry is now praying for Divine Love.
JamesMarch 8, 1917 On the restoration of the natural soul.
Edwin ForrestMarch 10, 1917 Forrest writes that he is progressing in Divine Love.
Robert IngersollMarch 10, 1917 Ingersoll begins teaching.
LukeMarch 12, 1917 What is fact with reference to authenticity of the Bible?
John PadgettMarch 13, 1917 James’ father explains more, that he is a Guardian Angel to James.
JohnMarch 15, 1917 Thank the Dr. for his prayers have helped me.
Nathan PlummerMarch 15, 1917 The Dr.’s friend is now attending a Séance from the other side, and what a difference.
Helen PadgettMarch 15, 1917 Helen writes that the séance had a detrimental effect on James and the Dr.
JesusMarch 16, 1917 Jesus and James have a discussion.
JohnMarch 17, 1917 A very short message.
EliasMarch 18, 1917 The Truth of the Bible as to things contained in the Old Testament.
Martin LutherMarch 18, 1917 Luther comments on the end of the war.
Helen PadgettMarch 18, 1917 Helen comments on James’ efforts in writing tonight.
Robert IngersollMarch 29, 1917 Ingersoll shares James’ thoughts on the Swedenborg work.
Mary KennedyMarch 29, 1917 Tell him that my love is with him all the time.
EliasApril 1, 1917 On the question: do the dead communicate with the living?
JamesApril 3, 1917 Reveals the Father was Jesus’ teacher when on Earth, as in the Celestial Heavens.
Helen PadgettApril 8, 1917 Helen affirms the authors of the two previous messages.
SwedenborgApril 8, 1917 Swedenborg understands that his teachings were in error and not of The Divine Truth.
LukeApril 8, 1917 Confirms that Swedenborg wrote, and re-corrected the error that Jesus is not God.
Martin LutherApril 12, 1917 Luther confirms that James’ work is with Spirits who know of God’s Divine Truth and God’s Divine Love.
Grover ClevelandApril 12, 1917 An expression of gratitude to Mr. Padgett.
EliasApril 14, 1917 Elias comments on mutual rapport.
Priscilla StoneApril 19, 1917 A family commentary.
VariousApril 22, 1917 8 of the Celestial band confirm that Jesus wrote.
JesusApril 22, 1917 Jesus confirms to James on God knows what you need.
LukeApril 22, 1917 Luke affirms the Master wrote.
Helen PadgettApril 22, 1917 Helen confirms this wonderful moment.
Helen PadgettApril 25, 1917 Helen affirms the discourse by John and this will provide insight: your prayers are not futile.
JohnApril 25, 1917 How prayers are answered for material things: free will and Laws.
Helen PadgettApril 26, 1917 A message from Helen Padgett.
JohnApril 30, 1917 A comment on the Divine Love.
Julius CaesarMay 1, 1917 Caesar is now in the 3rd Sphere and comments on his progress.
JesusMay 5, 1917 Jesus teaches on the only Way by which the individual can reach the Kingdom of God; on the Way to the perfect man.
JohnMay 5, 1917 John confirms Jesus’ teaching of the two Kingdoms; Natural love, and Divine Love.
Helen PadgettMay 6, 1917 Words of encouragement.
JesusMay 6, 1917 Jesus explains there is more to write.
JesusMay 8, 1917 A commentary between James and Jesus.
Helen PadgettMay 8, 1917 Helen confirms that James is helping dark Spirits progress to the light.
Mary KennedyMay 13, 1917 Mary confirms the message from James.
Priscilla StoneMay 13, 1917 The publisher’s mother is grateful.
Judge SyrickMay 13, 1917 The Judge is with his soulmate in the 5th Sphere.
Helen PadgettMay 13, 1917 Helen writes a message.
JamesMay 13, 1917 A message of trust, friendship, and progression.
LukeMay 14, 1917 Luke confirms that Eugene is doing good work in helping dark lost souls.
JesusMay 15, 1917 Jesus completes his teaching on the Only Way to the Kingdom of God in the Celestial Heavens.
SamuelMay 15, 1917 Affirmations from Samuel on previous message.
BismarckMay 16, 1917 Comments on the outcome of the war.
John MarkMay 20, 1917 His soul is one of a million.
PaulMay 20, 1917 A Spiritual commentary.
JesusMay 23, 1917 Jesus teaches that the Father’s Love is never far away.
JamesMay 24, 1917 On the frailties of the human mind and moral qualities.
Helen PadgettMay 24, 1917 Helen confirms previous message.
JesusMay 25, 1917 Jesus teaches more on: who and what is God?
PeterMay 30, 1917 On miracles and healing.
SaulJune 1, 1917 Orthodox beliefs.
JohnJune 3, 1917 There is no living portrait of the Master.
Helen PadgettJune 3, 1917 Helens comments on John’s previous message.
Gottfried LiebnitzJune 4, 1917 A philosopher is happy in the 2nd Sphere.
JohnJune 4, 1917 On the reason mortals will not seek the Love of the Father.
JohnJune 13, 1917 A message on Truth.
JohnJune 14, 1917 On what is the Holy Spirit and how it works?
SolomonJune 14, 1917 On the necessity of doing this work
Priscilla StoneJune 16, 1917 On the context of time.
Elizabeth BrowningJune 16, 1917 Sees there is more happiness to know.
Helen PadgettJune 16, 1917 Helen confirms the recent messages.
Kate StoneJune 19, 1917 Kate is working in helping Spirits.
Wandering JewJune 21, 1917 The Wandering Jew.
JohnJune 21, 1917 John expands on the Wandering Jew.
Helen PadgettJune 21, 1917 Helen comments on the Wandering Jew.
William StoneJune 21, 1917 Observing the presence of Divine Love in another’s soul.
G.H.June 24, 1917 On retarding Spiritual progress.
LukeJune 25, 1917 A discourse on mediumship.
F____July 1, 1917 A Spirit conveys his desire for a chance to write with James.
Helen PadgettJuly 1, 1917 Helen confirms the beauty of the previous message.
PaulJuly 3, 1917 Paul writes on having Divine Love in the soul yet not knowing of Divine Truth.
Mrs. MitchellJuly 3, 1917 An account of her son and how he preaches of the Divine Love, and how she came to find the Divine Love herself.
JohnJuly 7, 1917 John conveys to James that the depression he feels is due to dark Spirits he is writing with, and not praying for Divine Love.
Ann RollinsJuly 7, 1917 Encouragement to act upon the previous message and to have faith.
Helen PadgettJuly 7, 1917 John and Ann have spoken wisely, and with Divine Love, the light of your soul shall shine.
Helen PadgettJuly 8, 1917 Helen agrees with John’s previous message.
JohnJuly 8, 1917 The preacher has little knowledge of Divine Truth.
JesusJuly 9, 1917 Jesus teaches that prayer for the Divine Love helps to remove worry.
Helen PadgettJuly 9, 1917 Helen comments on prayer to remove worry.
JohnJuly 11, 1917 Divine Love is ever waiting to fill the soul.
LukeJuly 22, 1917 A discourse on Evolution and Devolution.
Sam FordAugust 28, 1917 Spirits progress in the knowledge of the Truths.
Mrs. MitchellSeptember 2, 1917 I am proud my son preaches the Truths of Divine Love.
Helen PadgettSeptember 2, 1917 Helen is pleased the preacher’s mother could write.
Helen PadgettSeptember 16, 1917 A note from Helen.
JesusSeptember 17, 1917 Jesus writes on the necessity of getting into condition to do this work.
John the BaptistSeptember 27, 1917 A message that urges James to become more in rapport with the Father.
CarlisleSeptember 29, 1917 Defines his soul progression into the light.
Mary KennedyOctober 11, 1917 Writes that soulmate love will never cease.
Helen PadgettOctober 11, 1917 Helen comments on the wisdom of Whitefield’s message.
George WhitefieldOctober 11, 1917 An informative message on the world coming to learn of the Truths pertaining to the Divine Love of the Father.
Mary KennedyOctober 16, 1917 Mary writes more on soulmate love.
JohnNovember 2, 1917 On the Laws of Rapport and Communication.
JesusNovember 6, 1917 Jesus teaches of a religion of the future: a comprehensive and final one founded on these Truths of Divine Love.
Father WilliamsNovember 8, 1917 A Catholic priest talks with Mr. Morgan and apologizes for his arrogance.
Helen PadgettNovember 8, 1917 Helen writes on the good work Eugene is doing with the Catholics.
Helen PadgettDecember 4, 1917 Helen writes on choice and freewill.
George SmithDecember 8, 1917 I am a Spirit who lived in England, near the Stone Family.
Helen PadgettDecember 9, 1917 Helen reveals to James that the lecturer could not reveal the way to obtaining The Divine Love.
Priscilla StoneDecember 10, 1917 Priscilla writes a comprehensive message on the activity between mortals and Spirits.
JesusDecember 16, 1917 Jesus reveals to James the world is becoming spiritually hungry.
JohnDecember 16, 1917 I am John and I am your Guardian Angel.
Mrs. HornerDecember 16, 1917 A very beautiful love letter to her soulmate.
William WoodwardDecember 18, 1917 An old friend of James learns to listen to a Divine Spirit.
Mary KennedyDecember 18, 1917 Mary writes of her progress and love of the Father.
Helen PadgettDecember 21, 1917 Helen is glad the Judge wrote.
Judge SyrickDecember 21, 1917 The Judge elaborates on the expression "do unto others …"
Helen PadgettDecember 23, 1917 Helen conveys that Swedenborg wrote passionately.
Emmanuel SwedenborgDecember 23, 1917 Swedenborg is completely accepting of God’s Divine Love.
Immanuel KantDecember 24, 1917 Of only knowing natural love, a Spirit inquires, what is The Divine Love?
JesusDecember 26, 1917 Jesus teaches that a man or Spirit progresses no higher that his/her own source.
Otto von BismarckDecember 27, 1917 A message on the events of the war of the day.
Helen PadgettDecember 31, 1917 A New Year’s Eve message from Helen.