A beautiful message defining Love.

December 12th, 1914

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother.

I wish to tell you more about the things of the spirit, for they are the important things that you should know. You are very near the Kingdom, and if you keep on trying to have more of God’s Love in your soul, you will soon realize the full joy and peace which comes with such possession. Try to let your heart receive more of His Love, for He is always ready and waiting to bestow His Love upon you. He is the one Lovely Father for you to long for and keep with you in all your thoughts and aspirations. Do not let the worries of life keep you from loving and believing that He wants you to become one with Him in Love and Grace. He is not only waiting for you to let His Love flow into your heart, but He is anxiously knocking at the door of your heart, that you may open and let Him enter.Be true to your best spiritual longings, and you will soon feel that you have got that in your soul which will give you perfect peace and happiness. You are only now beginning to learn that you must feel that your Father is so near you, that He must become a part of your life and being. When that Love has fully taken possession of you, you will know that you are His own true and reconciled son, just as all are who have come into a realization of that Love. So do not doubt that you may become such a son of your Father, for I tell you that I know from my own experience, the grandeur of living in the favor of His Blessing.

Be my own dear boy and do try to reach out and get this Love. You must not let the things of your earth life keep you from the higher things that the Father has prepared to give you. You will soon know, as I know, that the only things worth striving after are the things of this spiritual Love of the Father. Be more anxious to get this knowledge, and it will come to you in all its beauty and convincing force. I so wish that you could see the Holy Spirit’s work among men and spirits, for then you would not doubt any more that God is a God of Love, and not of anger or retribution.

Keep praying, for that is the one great means to receive the Love of God. Without prayer men cannot reach the answering ear of the Father’s Grace. He will hear the penitent only, for He will not accept anyone who is not truly and anxiously seeking Him. Man has a will to either accept or reject the Love of God, and until he exercises his will in a way to show that he wants that Love, it will not be given him. No man is ever forced to love God or to let God’s Love come into his heart.

The Love of God cannot be defined, for it passes all understanding, but the result of that Love, when in the souls of men, can be seen and felt, in the exceeding beauty in the countenances of men, and in their wonderful happiness.

No fear of death or anything that maketh afraid can possibly exist where this Love is. It is not the Love that permits any feelings of jealousy or envy to have an entrance, but is so perfect and all soul filling that there cannot possibly be any room for anything but its own great self. I know that the Love of God is the only thing that can make man supremely happy while on earth, and after he becomes a spirit.

My love for Him is such that I love every one of His creatures, be they saints or sinners. And that is the difference between the love that He inspires in His children, and the love that exists among men and spirits, which has not His Love for its foundation.

Be sure that no man can be perfectly happy without this Divine Love.

You wife is progressing very rapidly in the Way to this perfect Love, and I think that in a short time she will be with me in my sphere, for she will not let anything come between her and her efforts to possess the greatest amount of this Love that is possible to obtain.

It is wonderful how her faith has grown since she first became convinced that she must seek the Father’s Love in order to become one with Him and perfectly happy. You must try to get this faith and progress with her, so that when you come over you will go forward together in soul development and conjugal love. She is now in the third heaven, as she has told you, and she is almost in a condition of development to leave that sphere and go with your mother to the fifth sphere, where her happiness will be so much greater.

She loves you so much that you must feel that she wants you to be with her in all her happiness. She is not the same Helen as when she was on earth, but is so much changed that your mother says her appearance is as different as earth from heaven. She is not only changed in her appearance, but in her temperament and desires for those things which do not tend to retard the progress of the soul.

Let her tell you of her love for you, and you must believe what she is telling you, as she is not one who is in condition to speak anything else than the truth. Her love for you is so great that I sometimes wonder how it can be; for while we all love you, as well as our soulmates, yet she seems to have such intense love for you that we wonder. We think that her nature is so intense that she cannot do anything in a way that is not the result of her strong and earnest constitution, or rather that is not the result of a power that knows no limitation in effort or force. But while she loves you so intensely, her love for God is not interfered with in the least; for just as she gives her whole soul to loving you, she devotes it to loving God also. And when you do come over you will find such love in her heart for you as we seldom see in the spirit life for our soulmates.

But you must not think from this that we do not love intensely also, and the love that we all have for our soulmates is very great and deep as I must tell you – but she seems to be almost consumed by this love for you, and you must never do anything to hurt her or make her feel that you do not want it or deserve it.

My dear boy we must stop writing now as you are not in condition to write more. So I will say good night and God bless you and keep you in His Love and care.

Your loving grandmother, Ann Rollins