A comment on the war of the day.

January 22th, 1918

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Frederick, the father:

Let me write a line. I have heard what Bismarck said and I fully agree with him in his predictions as to the ending of the war and while it is not in accord with what would be my desire as a German when on earth, yet it will prove to the great liberator of the Germans as individuals and as a nation. The government of men are intended by the powers that they have in thought the best interests of mankind to be the means by which the greatest good may be bestowed upon the people individually and as a whole, and the government which is founded upon the devine right of any one man or family, to rule, is not best suited for either the progress of the nation or of the individuals that comprise that nation. Hence, I say that the ending of the German monarchy and dethronement of the Kaiser and his family and all who make claim any right to govern men will work out for the people of Germany individually and as a nation the great good and justice and freedom to which all the children of God on earth are entitled.

Of course, when I lived on earth I did not look on these things from the viewpoint that I now see is the only correct one to assume. I was a monarch and believed in the divine obligations of the people to be ruled and hence were I on earth now I might believe that the Empire of Germany should be maintained under all circumstances, now I am a spirit and realize the hollowness and untruth of all such ideas. In sight of God and in the workings of His unchangeable laws no one man is by birth or nation better and entitled to any greater rights than any other man, and every Emperor and King and nobleman of earth will, when he comes to the spirit life, sooner or later realize this fact, and in the case of some the conviction will come as it may be said, with a vengeance.

It will do no good to write of the great misery and distress that now exists in Germany and of how the cruel masters of the people are compelling them to submit to all this misery, for my writing would not lessen this condition one iota. But I will say that the end of all this horrible nightmare is in sight and peace and happiness will come to the people, though in the meantime many of these people will have become spirits, and among them will be the Kaiser and many of his advisers and sustainers in his unholy ambitions. As a human father it would be distressing for me to write in this because then I would be controlled by my natural affections and solicitation for my children, but having become a spirit with enlarged and more truthful view of the relationship of mortals and of the importance of each individual soul while I may still maintain the affection for my children yet I can see and know that the greatest good to the people of Germany will come when the ruler of the Empire shall cease. Suffering and death must follow, but out of them will rise peace and happiness and a deeper feeling of the people in their relationship to God.

I will only say further, that the end is here.

Yes, very soon and the great sacrifice of men and peace and things material will cease.

I will not write more.

Goodnight, Your friend

Frederick the father of the wounded nation