A cousin of James’ writes on her happiness in the 3rd Sphere.

May 16th, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

Let me write a line. I am your cousin Alice, and it has been a long time since I wrote you; and as I saw you a few nights ago when you spoke to Mame at the show, I have since had a great longing to write you and tell you my condition now and how happy I am. Mary’s mother and I were with her at the time and we saw you speak to her and heard you tell her that you had recently received a letter from her mother. Of course, she scarcely believes it, but nevertheless she has in her heart a longing that it may be so, for she dearly loved her mother when on earth, and now thinks of her very often.

Well, I am still in the Third Sphere, but I am so very happy and have such a beautiful home and lovely surroundings, and beautiful and good associates. I never on earth conceived such happiness or such a home, and such companions. It is one long dream of joy and freedom from sin and unrest. I mean that I now have nothing to make me unhappy as I had on earth. I am still praying to the Father for more Love, for Helen and your mother come to me often and tell me that I must continue to pray so that I may progress to the higher spheres where so much greater happiness may be found. And they help me very much. And what beautiful spirits they are! Helen seems to love me so much and to be so filled with the Divine Love.

Well, Ed, you thought she was beautiful on earth, but you should see her now! You simply have no conception of her beauty, and if I could write for a whole year trying to describe it to you, I could not succeed and you would not comprehend. How thankful I am that she came to me with her love and showed me the way to this Heaven of Bliss. Oh, it is wonderful to know that there is a Heaven and that I am eating its fruits and drinking from its river of life.

I must not write longer.

Well, Aunt Mary is progressing very much. She is not yet with me but she is very happy and free from all darkness and suffering, and has some of the Father’s Love in her soul and knows how to pray and is doing so. She will soon progress and then I will see more of her. So pray for us both that we may get more of the Divine Love.

I will stop now, but first I want to tell you how much I enjoy writing to you and how much I love you.

So with all my love I will say good night.

Your own true cousin,