A dark Spirit asks for James’ help.

June 27th, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Edwin Forrest:

Well I am here again and I am glad to be able to write you for I need your advice so much, as several have told me that you can help me.

I am in much darkness and suffering, and don’t know just why, but I suppose it is because of my evil habits, and I want to get relief if possible so try your best to help me.

Well I understand what you say and will believe that you desire to help me, and I will certainly try to take your advice. So give it to me.

Yes I see some who are like myself and need help as I do.

Yes, now I see some beautiful and bright ones who are so different from what I have ever seen, and as I look they become plainer to me, and I see your wife and she is so beautiful and speaks to me, and says that she heard what I said to you and that she is ready and willing to help me, if I will listen to her and try to believe what she says. My she is lovely and seems too good!

Well, I have heard what you say and you surprise me somewhat in telling me about Taggart and the others, and I will try to do as you say. But before I go tell me how did you ever get the power to receive my writing and thus communicate. I never knew when on earth that you had this power, and if you had told me, I suppose I would not have believed.

So Ned, I will do as you say, and your wife calls me to her and I am going. So goodbye, and believe that I am thankful.

Your old partner and now grateful friend,

Edwin Forrest