A designer of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt, a Natural Spirit.

July 22nd, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Anaxylabis.

Let me tell you about the great pyramid of Gizeh. I want to do so in detail, as I was its designer, and I built it under the direction of the great Egyptian king, Monyabasis the Great, who lived many centuries ago, before Rameses, who is credited with its construction. I know that mankind has no records which tell of the reign of this monarch, but such records did exist, and in them was contained the history and the description of the occasion which called for the building of this great pyramid.

These records were destroyed long before the present extant histories of the world were written – long before the Book of the Dead was written and long before any of the present kingdoms of the earth had their beginnings. Centuries and centuries have passed since that time and no man has knowledge of what was then the condition of the human race or, as I should say, speaking for myself, of the race that inhabited the region of what you call the Lower Nile. We were a race of a great intelligence, and of what you would now describe as a wonderful civilization. Many of our arts and sciences disappeared from earth and have never been rediscovered, and may never be, for that race no longer has communication with the present race.

I came tonight because I saw pass me by wonderful spirits of light and beauty, evidently bent on some great mission; and I followed them and found myself with you. Listening to the communications which they gave you, I found that there came to me a desire to write also. Well, as I listened I soon saw that the communications were written in a language different from my own, and that you understood only that language and that I must write in that language to make myself understood; so I commenced at once to learn it and I learned it in the short space of time that I listened to them in their communications. This may seem impossible to you, but I can read the thoughts of spirits and men without difficulty, and as all thoughts in the spirit world require no language such as you understand, I soon found that I could clothe my thoughts in your words as I am doing now.

Well, I know it may not be very satisfactory to you, but it is true, and I cannot more clearly explain it so that you may comprehend it. Well, I have diverged or digressed from my intention of telling you what the design of the great pyramid was, and I find that I have written too long to attempt it now, as this is my first effort at writing. So I will postpone it until later, but I will come and give you the explanation.

I don’t know in years, but when the Egyptian Book of the Dead was written I had lived as a spirit many thousands of years. I must stop now and say good night.