A disappointed Spirit.

November 7th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, John Critcher:

You must remember me, for I had my office in the same building with you when I practiced law.

Well, I am in a condition that gives me considerable happiness, and yet I am not in that state of happiness which I expected to have when I was on earth.

As you know, I was an Episcopalian and tried to observe strictly the doctrines and formalities of my church, and expected when I died to go to heaven and find rest and nothing to make me unhappy.

But I was mistaken in this, and I found myself in the earth plane of the spirit world, and had to undergo some suffering and darkness, and did not find the heavenly rest that I expected.

But I have progressed since I came over, and am now happier and in more light.

I was passing, when I saw the light that comes from your room, and looked in and saw you, and asked permission to write, and your band consented and so I am writing.

No, thank you, only sometimes you can give me a kind thought and good wish.

So thanking you, I am

Your friend,

John Critcher