A family commentary.

April 19th, 1917

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mother of Leslie:

I came to say that I am much pleased for this opportunity to write to him once more.

Of course I have been with him a great deal and he has felt my presence, but it is so much more satisfaction to write him and tell him in words of my love and solicitude for his welfare. I am now in a higher sphere of the Celestial Heavens and correspondingly happy and I find that as this great love comes to me it seems that I love him with a greater intensity. I wish that I could describe the glories of my new home so that he might have some idea of what the heavens constitute in which his mother now lives and what it means. He has heard described some of the spiritual spheres which transcend all conceptions. But those descriptions are very inadequate to convey the true portrayal of what the heaven which is mine contains.

But I am also happy in that his father has also progressed and is so much happier and has so much more of the love in his soul. We are in the earth plane a great deal of the time trying to help his sisters and brothers who have their many troubles and moments of unhappiness and if we could only get in rapport with them like we can with Leslie, they would be much happier. But as it is they do believe in our presence as their true loving parents and are conscious of us sometimes when they need our help. But this they cannot understand and their thoughts do not often turn to us and as a consequence we are not able to get as close to them as we desire.

The girls are more interested in earthly matters than in those pertaining to the spirit world, and are very largely absorbed in the war and its possibilities.

Well, this is quite natural, but yet if they could only know that the other things such as the spirit are more important and if they would only turn their thoughts more to the spirit world and think of their parents more often, they would receive an influence and help that would add so much to their happiness even though they could not understand its source.

As you know we are controlled by law and no matter how great our desires may be to come in closer contact with our children and cause them a greater happiness but if they do not want to respond to our feelings, they can prevent our doing so. Of course they do not understand what possibilities are theirs and what a little thing keeps them from us or rather permitting our influence to come to them as it otherwise would. Let them have a real yearning for our presence or a wish that they could have us with them and it will lift the veil that keeps us from making our presence conscious to their souls perceptions.

We are hoping though that someday or rather someway they will have an awakening so that we may come closer together. Tell Leslie to write them to think more about their mother and send out a desire that they could have her with them and then I will be with them and they will know that it is true although they may not realize the fact.

Yes, I sometimes visit the scenes of battles and it is also possible that I do not stay very long, except at sometime when I have the opportunity to help some poor spirit who has suddenly found himself in the spirit world and is in great confusion and apparently all alone. I am also with my son who is in the army and try so hard to reach his consciousness, but with very little success and while I do not know when he may be called to battle and suffer the dissolution of life, yet I am with him waiting to help him should the end of life come to him. My love draws me to him and my love will keep me with him until he either becomes a spirit or returns to his home.

Oh! What a terrible thing is war and if mortals would only understand what it means to the individual spirit, they would try to bring an end to its ravages and destruction.

I have written considerably and must stop. But I wish to say that Leslie’s father is also here now and sends his love and blessings and wants him to know that the signal which he spoke of is the one that his father uses to notify him of his presence. Also tell Leslie to continue to pray and believe for in doing so his prayers ascend to the real living and loving Father and his beliefs are of the truth of the great truth – that leads to God and redemption and immortality.

Thanking you I will say – goodnight.

Priscilla Stone,

Mother of Dr. Stone