A French philosopher rejects the teachings of Divine Love.

November 20th, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Descartes:

Let me say a word. I will not attempt to intrude for a great while and only want to say that you are not so very good as you may be led by these spirits to believe. I am not a wicked spirit but am an impartial observer of things, including the states of the souls of men and when I say what I have said you must not think that I have any prejudice or desire to cause you to feel that you are any great sinner, but I have heard what some of these spirits have written you and I see that they are flattering you and try to make you believe that you are a little god on earth, and as your friend I do not think it right that you should be so deceived.

Of course you should become as good as possible and get all this love that they tell you about, if there is any such thing, and it may have the effect upon your soul that they will tell you it will, but at the same time I have my doubts about the matter and would advise you to give more attention to gaining knowledge that is open before you in your earth life and when you come over, you will find that in our spirit world there is no more desirable thing as knowledge and intellectual development. Why, I should have great regrets if I had neglected to cultivate my mind and acquire knowledge when on earth, for it has kept me from listening to these sentimental spirits who try to talk to me at times about the development of the soul with love – a word that means nothing to anyone except those who are like the silly maidens of earth or the lovesick swains who have never cut their eye-teeth. No, my friend, do not listen to this silly and useless talk about soul development and love, but learn from me and believe that the intellect is the only thing that a man as well as spirit should attempt to cultivate and acquire. Knowledge is power, and I realize that the knowledge that I possess has given me great power in this spirit life.

I associate only with spirits like myself and we have wonderful times of enjoyment in the exchange of our thoughts and bright ideas and in discussing subjects which only spirits like myself can discuss. You may rest assured that only the intellectual spirits attend our meetings and find enjoyment in our discussions. These love speaking spirits who go about and tell us that love is everything and that mind is only secondary, do not attend our discussions for of course they could not understand what our talk is about nor comprehend the wonderful thoughts of a fully developed mind such as we possess.

So you will see that I am really interested in you and desire that you pursue that course in earth life that will fit you for the highest development and the gradual enjoyment that can be experienced in our spirit world.

I have as associates many of the prominent philosophers and scientists who once were known on earth as the leaders of thought and the revealers of the great laws of nature and they all think as I am writing you now. I trust that you will believe me to be your friend and that I write this in the utmost good faith and with the desire only to direct your efforts in that way that will lead to your greatest good when you come to the spirit life.

I do not think it necessary to write more tonight.

Here question was asked.

Well, we are all in what they call the earth sphere and are in some little darkness and also in some light and we understand the reason for living in the darkness. We have not yet made that development in our intellectual qualities that fit us for the planes of great light because as you know the greatest knowledge that we could acquire on earth is not equal to the least knowledge that is required to fit us for the planes where only light exists. And for this reason we have appearance of darkness, but as we obtain a greater mental development that darkness of appearance leaves us and we then progress to the light spheres. This as you will understand is only natural and the result of a law that we recognize as working exactly and unchangeably as the other laws of nature work.


Well, I have been in spirit life a great many years and have been working as hard and with more enthusiasm than I did on earth to acquire knowledge and understand the laws of nature and I am satisfied with my progress, although I shall not cease to progress as I know, for I will never give up my efforts to acquire more and more knowledge.

I must stop now for there comes a spirit to me who is a very bright one and says I must stop and I cannot refuse to do so.

But as I leave I will say that I thank you for your kindness and hope that you will believe that I am sincere in advising you as to what I think is for your own good.

So my friend, goodnight.

Your brother in search for the truth.

I was known as the French Philosopher and scientist,