A friend of the Dr. seeks help to find the Divine Love.

May 16th, 1918

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Charles T. Wilson.

Let me write a few lines.

I am the friend of the Dr. and knew him some years ago when he was living in Buffalo, N.Y. I was in a hospital where he was engaged in looking after daffy mortals, such as I was.

Well, in those days my mind and my brain did not coordinate, and this I know, for a short time after I passed into spirit life I found that I had a mind which enabled me to understand things as I had before the awful blank came to me which resulted in my being incarcerated in the hospital.

What a wonderful experience I had after I became liberated from the imprisonment of my mind in a diseased brain. Then everything appeared to me as if I were a new creature, and the happiness which came to me – I mean the happiness that came from my liberated mind – is beyond what you may conceive of. I can suppose that men think that those whose minds are thus blotted out, as it were, by a brain which has ceased to perform its functions must be not unhappy, because they know not the loss of the benefits that a mind in a sound brain affords. But in this supposition men are mistaken, for while the person thus afflicted may not know of what sound-minded men call real trouble and worry, yet they have troubles which belong to their diseased brains, and to them these troubles, although they may have no real existence, are just as real as are the troubles of these others who think that they are sane. Trouble is a relative thing, and the real to one, though not real, causes as much unhappiness as do the troubles which are real.

Of course, while I was in the flesh I did not fully understand just what my condition of mind was, and many of my vagaries were of such a character as to cause me apparent happiness; and on the other hand, certain other vagaries caused me real suffering. And things of great importance appeared to me with a force that no real existence could surpass.

Shortly after I passed to spirit life these imaginations left me, and with them disappeared the unhappiness which they caused; and it seemed to me as if my mind had been freed from a great burden, and I became so conscious of the fact that it seemed as if I must be in Heaven or some other place of bliss. But it meant nothing more than my mind finding its real condition, and the recollections of my previous life came to me with all their consequences. And, strange as it may seem to you, there were no recollections of anything that happened while I was in the state of mental darkness. Only those things came to my remembrance which were parts of my life before my affliction, and only these latter brought with them a knowledge of good or evil deeds which I had committed.

Since then, I have realized the workings of the laws which controlled my acts of life, and I was happy or otherwise as these laws called for suffering or failed to operate. I have been in the dark planes ever since, though I have made some progress towards the light, or rather the darkness has grown less intense and my sufferings have decreased. My mind has always been alert and nothing has escaped me which was a part of my sane existence while on earth.

I wish that I could find a way to get rid of this darkness and suffering, and as only a few nights ago I heard that you could help spirits in my condition, I determined to seek your help, and tonight when I saw the Dr. with you, I thought it a good opportunity to ask your help.

Yes: and he says that he will help me, and as he is so very beautiful and bright I can easily believe that he can help me, and I am going with him.

So, I thank you.

I was Charles T. Wilson and was called Wash.