A Greek maiden details her life and is with Divine Love.

November 2nd, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Semiramis.

I was a Greek maiden, and I only wish to say that I desire to tell you that I am a Christian, and live in the Celestial Heavens where the Master is forming his New Jerusalem.

I was on earth a pagan, as I was called, and believed in the philosophy of the Greeks and also of the Egyptians, who had written many works dealing with the soul and its destiny. I then believed in the immortality of the soul and the Elysian Fields for those spirits who should obey the gods, and do those things which caused the soul to seek the higher planes of truth and happiness. But after I became a spirit and met some of the beautiful Christian spirits, I had an awakening and I became convinced of the truths of Christianity, and the wonderful plans of God for the salvation of mankind.

So I merely wanted to say this and to write, and your band permitted me to do so. I will not detain you longer, but must stop, and will say that I am

Your sister in Christ,