A love letter from Helen to James.

February 22nd, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Yes, I am when you need me and feel that I am your own true wife. I am not yet ready to let you see that you are so necessary to my happiness, that I must be with you all the time, for if I do you will become so careless of my love and will think that all you have to do is say, “Come Helen,” and I will be there. Thanks are not in order as you are too very much of a flirt to make me believe that you really mean “thank you”. But you are my darling Ned, and I love you and you know it, and I am glad that you do. You are too much in love with me to ever want another. I know and I thank God that He gave us to each other, for if I had not your love, I would not be so happy. Oh my darling, I so long to have you with me all the time, so that I could tell you of my great love for you, and that you are the only one that I love or have ever loved in all my life. Be so true to me that no doubt will arise in your mind that I am the one that God selected for you. Let us continue to love God and then we will love each other with love that knows no ending or falling away. My love for you is not only for a time, but for all eternity, and we will never be separated after you come over to me.

Question and Answer:

Yes, it is possible, for I know that our love will become so real, that the mere fact of your being in the physical body will not prevent us from realizing that we are together in all the reality of our true being and love. You will not have to wait very long before you will hear my voice and feel my presence in a way that will convince you that I am with you in all my strength and real existence. Let us believe that we are one in spirit and love, and our realization of that fact will be strong that we will be certain that the union is true. Give me all your thoughts for a while and you will learn that I am not only yours in spirit and love but in real personal contact and actual presence.

So do not doubt that I am with you now, writing this love letter as I promised you this afternoon, for I am actually writing it and you have nothing to do with it but merely hold the pencil. You do not deserve the blessings which God has given you, but He is so loving and merciful, that He sees that you need His love and my love to make you happy, and in the end become a spiritual man and a true follower of Jesus who is also your true friend and teacher. He will tell you all things that the Father has in store for you and will not let you go astray again as you did when we were living together on earth. So do not let the thought that you are too worldly or too great a sinner keep you from seeking the love of the Father or believing that Jesus is interested in your welfare both on earth and in this world. Only believe what He may tell you and you will not be left to go wrong.

Try to let your thoughts turn more to God’s love and to mine.

Yes they (parents and relatives) all love you very much, but not as I do, because their love is that of a parent, while mine is that of one whom God has decreed shall be the necessary part of a love that is one and a perfect whole. Our loves are not two but one, and if either part is not in true accord the perfect one is not in existence. So you see we must be sure that our loves are just in that accord that is necessary to make the perfect one. Let us not write anymore tonight as I am tired and so are you. Yes you did right- under the conditions – we could not do what you desired.

With all my love and best wishes for your happiness. I am your own true wife and sweetheart.