A love letter to her soulmate.

December 26th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy:

Well, you had a spirit write you who wanted the light, and your band thought it advisable to let him write, and they also saw another spirit who is filled with love for a mortal, who some spirits such as Helen, say doesn’t deserve it, and they have let her write, and she is doing so.

I merely wanted to do a little independent writing myself, to let that dear boy see that I am able to write him and tell him that I love him, just as I have told him so many times before.

I was with him at church tonight and enjoyed the singing very much, as he did, and tried to make him feel my presence, and I believe that he did.

But I will not make love to him or he might get tired of hearing me tell him, and get in such a condition of conceit that he will think that all he has to do is to say, “Mary, come and tell me that you love me better than anyone else.” So have determined that I will not in the future tell him so often of my live – that is, if I can keep from doing so, and I doubt that I can. Helen says that I am such a lovesick girl that if a brick house stood between him and me, I would butt my brains out trying to get to where he is. And maybe she is right. But anyhow, I have the right to do it if I choose, and no one else has any right to say I shan’t.

So let him know that it is real mean to take advantage of my weak condition, or strong maybe, and want me to do all the love-making. He doesn’t have to write his love to me as I do to him, for if he only thinks love, I can see it in his heart and enjoy it, just as if I should receive a letter from him, telling me of it.

But I must stop this love-making, and tell him that I am with him, and am so interested in his soul progress, and I know that he is progressing, for I can see his influence of love not only for me but for the Father as well, and his soul development means a great deal to me as well as to himself.

I am now in the First Celestial Sphere and am so very happy, and when I have the opportunity, and you are willing, I desire to tell him of my beautiful home, and the great things that the Father has prepared for me and bestowed upon me to make me happy. They sing “That eye has not seen, etc”; but his eyes will not have to see, for when I write him of the great things that the Father has prepared for me, he must know and realize that they will be his someday, as well as myself also.

So let me say just one word more, and that is, that you must continue to pray to the Father for His love and blessings, and for faith, and he will find that his soul will expand in joy and peace, and that he will realize that he is coming closer and closer to his own true soulmate.