A man who lived a mortal life when Divine Love was not available to mankind.

October 23rd, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am the spirit of Aaron, the prophet of the Old Testament and the brother of Moses, as it is written. I merely want to say that as you read the message from the spirit of Henry Ward Beecher, I read also, and that is a wonderful description of what immortality is, and how it first was given to mankind after the fall of the first parents .

I know the truth of what he wrote, for I experienced the want of this Divine Love for many thousand years before the coming of Jesus and the rebestowal of this Divine Love, which is the only thing in all God’s universe that can bring to man immortality.

So, let this great truth be preached to all the world, and let man know that until he gets this Divine Love he can never become immortal. It is so difficult for man to understand this truth, and for those who come forward as the teachers of men in spiritual things to comprehend that only this Love will save them from their sins, and make them a part of the Divinity of the Father, and certain of immortality.

I lived at a time when we had not the privilege of getting this Love, and, as a consequence, immortality, and we had to find our happiness in our natural love, and that meant a love towards God as well as towards our fellow man; but this love, while it enabled us to experience much happiness, yet it did not give that Divine Essence or nature which now makes our happiness supreme and also at-one with the Father.

I had many experiences in teaching the Hebrew children that there was only one God, but at that time my conception of God was not what it is now. I then thought more of Him as a God of wrath and jealousy than as a God of Love and mercy.


In my contest with the magicians of the Egyptian Pharaohs I was afforded the help of the spirit world, and unusual powers were given me, such as I had never had before nor ever afterwards; but it was for the purpose of causing the king to let the people of God, as we called ourselves, depart from Egypt. When this was accomplished I never again possessed those powers or had any occasion to.

But those powers were merely the influences that came from the spirit world, and God himself did not speak to me or to Moses, as it is written. Merely his spirits or angels told us what we must do, and gave us the power to do it.

This power is still existing, and should the occasion arise again, it will be given to the instrumentality that may be selected to do the will of the Father. Even as to Jesus, who had the greatest power conferred upon him of any mortal that ever lived, this power was given him by the angels of God in obedience to the commands of the Father.

I cannot explain to you now in what way these commands were given by God, for you would not understand me, if I should make the attempt. But suffice it to say, that the higher angels have such soul perceptions that they can receive and understand these instructions of the Father. All this is, I know, strange to you, but it is true, and because you do not understand, you must not doubt that there is such a close relationship between God and His Celestial spirits that they know what the will of the Father is. I am in a Celestial Sphere and am very high up, but not so high as are the apostles. But I am high enough to know to be true what I write you of my own knowledge. I will not write more tonight, but will come again sometime and instruct you in the laws obtaining in our Celestial Spheres.

So with all my love, I will say that I am,

Your brother in Christ,


the Prophet of old