A message from Helen Padgett.

April 26th, 1917.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, I see that you are very happy tonight, and I am so glad and want you to feel that you have around you other spirits who are glad also.I will not write much tonight, but commencing Sunday night I wish that you will commence to receive the messages that are waiting to be written you, and there are many, and of the greatest interest and importance.

I was present when the Broker was writing to you, and I want to say that he is very much interested in the work and will do everything possible to make it a success. We are all interested in this, for we understand the importance of it and what great results will follow your getting in the position that you so much desire. Have faith and you will not be disappointed.

Love me and believe that I love you.

Good night, my dear husband.

Your own true and loving