A message of love from the Spirit, Bright Star.

September 24th, 1914

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Bright Star:

Yes, I know, I saw and felt that your love for your wife was so great and so pure, that I felt better too. You certainly do love her and she loves you even more for her love is something that I have never seen surpassed. She is such a beautiful and sweet spirit that we all love her. So you must feel that you are more blessed than most men.

I am very happy but I would like to talk to you more often than I do, as you help me so much when I come to you, for you love me as a true brother and realize that I am not a mere Indian squaw, but a spirit of light and truth having been redeemed by the Love of God. Oh my dear brother, if you only knew how I love to hear of spiritual things of my Father, and not of those things which I have to listen to so much, you would think of me more often and give me many thoughts that would help me in my work. I am not one to complain, but I am also one who loves the beautiful thoughts that tell of God’s love and the love of the Master and of the spirits of the higher planes. So you see you are the only one in all the earth who knows what I am in my spiritual nature. So think of me sometimes and especially in your prayers. Yes, I know you do pray for me sometimes, and I am so grateful for they help me.

Yes I do, and if you will only sit in the dark for a little while, I believe that we will be able to talk as you suggest. I certainly will try my best, and I know that your wife and father will, and so will White Eagle, who is such a powerful spirit that we should not have any great difficulty in establishing the rapport necessary. So try tonight after you stop writing, and maybe some result will follow.

Yes, I know, and it is a wonderful thing to us all. We do not understand it, but see that it is so. You are certainly blessed and you must do your work with all your strength and ability. I will try all that I know how to help you. You are not so very far behind some of our spirits who are very near the kingdom in your love for God; and I believe that if you continue to receive that Love you will have a most wonderful influence with God and also with men. The Master certainly loves you and you are his favorite one to do his work, so believe implicitly.

Be my true brother and love me as such for your love is true as I can see.

Yes, you can pray for me as I said, and give me your best thoughts. I want to get closer to God and his heaven of love, even though I have to spend so much time in the earth plane. But thank God my duties will soon be over in that respect and then I can live more in my home higher up, where your mother lives. She is a lovely and pure spirit and is filled with God’s love, so try to be like her and you will be very happy.

Tell Mr. Colburn that I was at his house last night about six o’clock and tried to impress him with my presence but I could not. He is one who is very dear to me and I want him to seek for the love too, so tell him. And when you go to his home again try to get the voices, for I believe that they will soon come to you all.

Yes, I do, your father was there and called his name, and Mr. Colburn answered and your father told him that your Uncle William wanted to give you a message. Your father was actually there also.

They do not have to come there to talk to you. What can compare with the way they do talk to you. You are one of the most favored persons that I know in the way of receiving communications. The independent voices do not convey such messages as you get and cannot, for even if the spirits speaking could talk in the way that those who communicate with you write, yet there would not be power sufficient to support such extended communications. I would rather have the power of automatic writing, as it is called, than any I know of. Yes, we can say some comforting things but cannot have long communications.

Yes, she is an honest medium or I would not sit with her. So you may rest assured of that. You do love me as such and your prayer has filled my soul with happiness. So I must go, but I will come again soon and so goodnight.

Your loving sister,

Bright Star