A message on love as Judas helps with individuals who suicide when as mortals.

February 16th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Taggart:

Let me say just a word, as I am anxious to tell you that Perry has had demonstrated to him, by the appearance to him of certain suicides, the fact that his punishment will not be everlasting, and it is wonderful to see what effect the demonstration had on his hopes and belief that there may be salvation for him.

Then your grandmother brought these spirits to him and had them tell Perry their experiences, which, in the darkness, were so very much like his own, and then told him that their present condition is due to the Divine Love of the Father, which came into their souls in response to earnest prayer, he commenced, at once, to send his aspirations and longings to the Father for this Love, and all these spirits joined with him in prayer. It was a very impressive sight, as you mortals might say, and his mother was there praying and so very happy.

Your grandmother also brought Judas, and he was so filled with love and glory, that his presence made Perry look in wonderment and astonishment and when he was told that the glorious spirit was Judas, he said that now he knew there was hope for him.

Well Padgett, I must not take up more of your time now, and I only wrote, because I thought you would like to know the result of Perry’s experience with the bright spirits who had once been suicides and inhabitants of the hells.

But sometimes I should like to come and write you as to some of my knowledge of the things of the spirit world. I will say goodnight. Your old friend and brother in Christ,