A message on Truth.

June 13th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, John:

I was with you tonight at the talk of the lecturer, and display of what has no foundation in truth.

She has an idea that God is what man makes him to be, and that only as man’s consciousness realizes the existence of a God in harmony with that consciousness, does that God really exist. She seems to have no conception as an Absolute, Unchangeable Being, not dependent upon man’s realization of him or of man’s consciousness that he exists in any other form or substance than as man sees him. No, she has not a true conception of God or man. To her, man is just what his status demonstrates him to be and no matter whether a formless, senseless amoeba or a perfect man as originally created by God, he is still man, and dependent upon his knowledge of the different conditions of himself in order to determine what he may have been in any state of his evolution. She cannot define God or man, and that being so, how can she possibly help man to know these matters. It is all pitiable that any human should let his own salvation or future destiny depend upon such unreliable and erroneous conceptions.

I do not think that such lectures as this do you any good and I advise you not to attend them. Rely only on what you have received and shall receive from the Master and other high spirits as to what God and man are. I see that you are in better condition tonight, and I hope that we may resume our messages and continue to reveal to you the truth as regards God and man, and the plan, and the only one given by the Father for the full salvation of him.

I will not write more tonight. So with my love I will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,