A Mohammedan writes of the Divine Love.

March 6th, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Seligman:

I am the Mohammedan who has written you before. I come to tell you that I have made investigation since I last wrote you and find that what you told me about the Divine Love is true, and I have received some of it in my soul and progressing towards the soul spheres, where they tell me more of it can be found and where live those who have received it in greater abundance than I have.

I have never in all the long years of my pilgrimage in the spirit world before learned of the existence of this love and our Prophet never taught us of the existence of this love or anything more than the love which we all have, and the way to progress therein, but now I know that there is such a thing as the divine love, and that it is the only love that will enable us to gain the kingdom of heaven.

Very few of my people have any conception of the existence of such a love, and, consequently, they are in the spirit spheres where only those who have the natural love live, and they, while in many instances, are good and pure spirits, in this natural love, yet they are not the possessors of that happiness which the Divine Love gives.

I am so glad that I came to you when I did and had the opportunity of meeting and listening to the Christian spirits, for their teachings, as well as their condition of beauty and happiness, have caused my soul perceptions to open up to the truth, and placed my soul in such a condition that the Divine Love can flow into and fill it with its influence and the Essence of the Father.

I am now in the third sphere and am trying with all the longings and aspirations of my soul to get more and more of this Love; and these loving Christian spirits are helping me so much and trying to show me the way and encourage me to increased efforts and faith. I shall never rest contented now until I have received this Love to its fullest extent, for I am told that there is no limit to the amount that I may receive, and no sphere either in the spiritual or celestial world that I may not attain to.

As I receive more of this love, I find that I become more unselfish, and there arises in me the desire that my brothers who know not of this love shall learn of it and seek to obtain it, and I will go back to the home of my brothers and try to teach them the way in which it may be found, and the great happiness that comes with its possession. So I thought that I would tell you of my great fortune and of the hope that I now have of a future bliss in the heavens of God.

Seligman, that is the name that I wrote.

Well, if you did not receive it in that way there was a mistake for that is my name.

I will not write more tonight.

Thanking you for the help you gave me, I am

Your friend in Christ,

Seligman the Mohammedan