A Natural love Spirit commentary.

October 7th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jayemas:

I am the spirit of a man who when on earth was an inhabitant of the great continent of Atlantis which was submerged in a cataclysm and by which great calamity all the inhabitants of that country were drowned.

I am now in the sixth sphere where are many others of my countrymen, and wherein are enjoying much happiness and great intellectual pursuits that bring to us knowledge of the wonderful laws of the universe.

I was, when on earth, a teacher of the arts and sciences, and of the philosophy of life as well. I made many inventions which enabled my people to progress in the development of the use of forces which existed in the unseen world, and which are now still in existence and operating.

If mortals would only understand and had means for utilizing these forces; they would enjoy wonderful facilities for traveling and propelling the different engines of trade and manufacture that they are engaged in, and also for making easy much of the labor which is now done by hand or by imperfect machinery.

You must not think that the forces of nature have all been discovered by your great scientists and inventors for that is not true; and in the near future you will have revealed to your investigators some wonderful forces that will revolutionize many of the means of conducting the communications between nations, and of leading men to a knowledge of what the possibilities are.

Well, I am not permitted to disclose any of these secrets at this time, but in the near future they will be made known, and you will live to see some of these forces applied to the actual working out of what you suppose to be the ideas of your inventors.

I merely wanted to introduce myself at this time as I hope to come to you later and tell you about my life on the submerged continent. So I will not write more.

Your friend,


the Atlantian