A Natural love Spirit states love never dies.

October 6th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, William T. Stephenson.

I was an Englishman and lived in Liverpool and died in 1876. What I want to say: Can a man live and love and then die and go into nothingness?

And I can answer No! For love never dies. It is the one Eternal and never ending quality of the soul. The love of a man for a woman is so great that only the love of God for man excels it. I mean the real soulmate love. I am a spirit who lived on earth and loved a woman of earth and when I died my love did not die, but continued and is with me now growing and increasing all the time. She loved me too, but in her lonesomeness she married another and is now on earth the wife of another, but her soul love is mine and strange as it may seem to you I am not jealous or dissatisfied with her condition, because I as a spirit loving her only with a soul love and knowing that I have her soul love in return, do not want her body or the affections which are so firm, the merely natural love or rather the attractions which one physical or even mental existence may have for another.

I am only waiting and loving and hoping that the time will not be long when she will be with me. So you see love cannot die and happiness which comes with that love can never die. I am in the second sphere and am enjoying my existence.You must pardon me for intruding, but I only wanted to let you know that love can never die.

So good night.

William T. Stephenson