A Natural love Spirit writes on natural belief.

January 15th, 1917

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Samera.

I am a Greek of the days of Aristotle, and I merely want to say that I am very desirous of writing you a message on the subject of what is the most important truth that I have discovered since I came to the spirit world. This truth is the Oneness of God.

When I lived on earth we believed and taught the existence of many gods, and the fact that these gods were the unembodied spirits of those who had been great heroes or philosophers or statesmen while living on earth. Of course, we had some conception of a God who was superior to all others, and that He had the power and wisdom that belonged only to the supreme God, but the lesser gods also had great power and wisdom, and in their particular jurisdiction were at liberty to exercise those powers and thus bring to mankind the blessings – or woes – that they thought men should have visited upon them.

Our gods did not have any power over our spiritual conditions, but dealt with us only in a material way and ruled us in our earthly ambitions or efforts only. I died with these beliefs, and when I came to the spirit world I found that hundreds of those we had worshiped on earth as gods were mere spirits like myself, without any special powers and without the wisdom that we had attributed to them, and they were subject to the laws of the spirit world just as I was.

Of course, this discovery made me halt in my opinion as to the fact of there being many gods, and caused me in time to conclude that all the beliefs in the many gods were erroneous, and that I should seek for another God who should be above all these lesser gods and spirits.

So, in my search I came in contact with spirits who had been in spirit life very much longer than had I, and were far advanced beyond me in the knowledge of things spiritual. And they instructed me that there was a great God, the Creator of the universe, and the ONLY God. And in my continued investigations, I concluded that this must be true. I have never seen that God, nor has any of the spirits, that I am aware of, but we have all seen the manifestations of His powers and wisdom, such as no mortal has ever seen or conceived of, and being thus conscious of the existence and manifestation of these powers and wisdom, I know, as do all spirits, that there must be that from which emanates these manifestations, and One who is the possessor of them and the ruler and controller of such manifestations. This entity we all call GOD, and worship Him as such; and we know that He and He alone is the only true God.

I do not know that what I have said will be of any interest to you, but it is a fact, and I wanted so much to tell you that fact.

I live in what is called the Sixth Sphere, where are many spirits of men in a condition of perfection that brings them supreme happiness, and such greatness of knowledge that only they, themselves, can understand.

I hope you will pardon my intrusion, and I will bid you good-night.