A Natural Spirit does not know of the Divine Love.

August 12th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Salaalida:

I am a Moslem and I lived in the time of the crusaders and helped to defend Jerusalem from the Christians. I was an officer of high rank, and a general who was known among my own countrymen for my prowess in battle. I merely want to tell you now that I am a lover of all mankind and know no difference between the Christians and the Moslems, for all are God’s children and are the objects of his love, and of my love, for I am a lover of God.

I am an inhabitant of the highest Mohammedan heavens and am very happy and satisfied with my spiritual condition, and am still a follower of the Prophet who lives in our heavens and still teaches the truths of the Father, Allah.

I have no criticism to make of the Christians and believe that they are also followers of God in the way that their Jesus taught, but I cannot yet believe that his teachings are the only truths of the Father. He and his followers live in a different sphere from our sphere, and those whom I have met seem to be happy and are very beautiful.

So while I was once an antagonist of the Christians, and hated them with all the hatred that my religion taught me to hate, yet now I see that hatred is not a thing which God recognizes as being a part of the faith or practices of his true followers.

I came merely to tell you this and to inform you that love is the ruling principle of the spiritual world where I live.

By love, I mean love for God and for my fellowman. This is the only love that I know of and I find it sufficient for my happiness.

I don’t know what you mean by the Divine Love. It cannot be anything more than the love which we have for God. Well, I must stop now, and will say goodnight.

Your friend,


the mussulman