A natural Spirit tells his story.

June 22nd, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Abdullah ben Caliph:

I am a spirit of whom you have never heard, and I want to tell you that I am so very much interested in your work in helping the unfortunate spirits. I am not a churchman, but a lover of mankind and a believer in God as the Father of us all. I write by permission of your band, for they know that my love for my fellow man is very great and that I am interested in everything that will help them both in the spirit and material worlds.

I merely want to tell you this, and that not only the spirits called Christians have this love of their fellow man, but also we who are of other religious persuasions.

God is God, and Allah is his name and Mahomet is his prophet. And my name on earth was Abdullah ben Caliph. And I lived more than five hundred years ago in the city of Mecca and was a priest of the Mosque, and had charge of the sacred carpet of the great Prophet.

I live in a sphere that has a name, but is not in the Celestial Spheres that the Christian Spirits tell me exists. In my sphere the Mohammedans live and worship Allah, and adore his prophet. Yet, I see him and he is still preaching the great truths and is happy.

Many others, not of our faith, live in certain planes of this sphere, they are not Christians either, but great intellects, and are working for the material good of humanity. We are working with them in this great purpose.

Well, we have found that there is no marrying here but that each of us has one of the opposite sex to live with, and strange as it may seem to you, and stranger yet it seems to us, we do not desire more than one. Our dream of having our harems filled with beautiful houris, was merely a dream. We have no harems and desire none. Our happiness is complete with only one.

Yes, there is suffering among our faithful in the lower spheres, and darkness also, but many who have lived in that darkness are now with me in the heaven of happiness that I tell you of. God is just and he will not let a guilty one escape. We must all pay the penalties of our deeds on earth. So you see our Prophet told us the truth about there being a Paradise for us in the Spirit World.

I thank you for your kindness and will stop.

Your friend and I hope a mutual lover of mankind.

Abdullah ben Caliph The Mohammedan