A Natural Spirit who investigates Law and Truth discovers the Divine Love.

September 24th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Sebastobel.

I am a spirit who has never written before, and I desire to say a few things which I consider of importance to mortals as well as to spirits.

I live in the highest sphere where intellect rules supreme, and where spirits are happy in the knowledge that their spirit existence is free from all the cares and limitations which a life in the body imposes.

I am a student of the laws governing the relationship of the various planets to one another, and to the earth, and of the influences which the sun and moon and stars exert upon mortals of the earth. I am an ancient spirit and have been in spirit life many thousands of years – long before the great flood which submerged a great continent which men know as Atlantis.

When that continent existed and was peopled by living, active, intelligent beings, I had been a spirit many years and was in communication with the prophets, as they were called – or rather seers – of that happy land. The development of these people far surpassed that of the present inhabitants of earth in not only the purely intellectual qualities in the abstract, but also in their knowledge of what you call the arts and sciences. Then the inhabitants of that fair land not only did not have the necessity for using horses or automobiles or steam cars or boats, or airships, for moving from place to place and traveling, but they knew of the existence of and the way to utilize certain forces of nature which enabled each individual or group of individuals to transport themselves from place to place by mere operation of their will power, using these forces. These forces still exist in nature, and are just as ready to be utilized now as they were at the time these people of whom I speak brought them under their control.

Some day it will be given to man to understand and control these great forces and utilize them to their fullest extent. Just when this time will be I don’t know; but considering the rapid strides that mortals have made in discovering and utilizing some of the heretofore hidden forces in nature during the last half century, I do not think it will be long before these great forces will be discovered, or rather revealed, to man. It will not be so revealed until the higher powers consider the time ripe for man to have the knowledge of these forces revealed to him and to control them.

I know what these forces are, but I am not permitted to make them known to you or anyone else at this time. I should otherwise gladly do so.

Well, while they had this great knowledge and power of transporting themselves, and could have done so had they been given time, the submerging of the continent was so sudden that no man knew the moment when the catastrophe took place. It was in the twinkling of an eye, as it were, and men were drowned before they had time to think or attempt to save themselves.

No, it was not like the Bible description of the flood, which never occurred; that was merely allegory and existed in other books, in a little different form, long before the Bible was written.

These Atlantians are now inhabitants of the spirit world, living in different spheres, and more or less developed in their intellects.

Well, I merely want to say further that I am somewhat surprised that you can receive my thoughts in the way of written communication, for I never before in all my spirit experience have written my thoughts this way. It is a wonderful gift and one which I consider superior to any other method that I know of for communing with mortals. You may ask me any question and I will answer it if I can.

Yes, I see other spirits here – some dark and ugly and some bright and beautiful. I have spoken to one who says she is your wife, and she is a most beautiful and bright spirit – the brightest that I have come in contact with.

Well, I must confess that I have never seen in my sphere any spirit so beautiful or bright, or pure looking or lovely as she, and I wonder why it is. I am at a loss to know, and I would like to know, I assure you.

No, my intellect does not tell me, and I see that there is here presented a phenomenon which is worthy of all investigation and study.

Well, she has told me, and I am astonished at her explanation. I never before knew or heard of the existence of such a thing as this New Birth or Divine Love, and even now I cannot comprehend what she means, but I see a result or effect for which I can find no cause, and it seems reasonable that I should accept the cause which she gives me. But I am astonished, as I thought that there is nothing in all the spirit world equal to the mind, and nothing which brings such happiness. But she tells me of a happiness of which I had no conception. Well, as you say, I see an effect and there must be a cause; and as I am an investigator of the truth, I feel it my duty to search for that cause, and I will.

She has invited me to go with her and meet her band, and also one who, she tells me, is the most magnificent and beautiful in all the spirit universe. I will go with her and investigate this matter; and will come to you again. So I will say good-night.

My name when on earth was Sebastobel. I lived in the Upper Nile when the human race was very early developed into thinking beings.