A one time preacher in Natural love is now with Divine Love.

August 5th, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Colyer.

I was a preacher. I am now a preacher and my doctrines are those of Christ stripped of the creeds and dogmas of the churches.

I was not an orthodox preacher, but was one who believed in God and in Jesus as the best and most spiritual man that ever lived on earth, and who taught the truths of his Father.

I am of the same belief still, and I have since being in the spirit world learned many things to confirm my belief. The orthodox doctrine as to his being God or one of three Gods is a pernicious one and against all reason and truth. He is just who he said he was – the son of God and the son of man – the first in a spiritual sense and the latter in the material or natural sense.

He never, as he has told me, claimed to be God, and his disciples never understood that he was such. The freedom of men’s minds from this doctrine of his being God, will do more to bring men to the truth and to believe in religious truths than can be conceived of. When his true mission on earth shall become understood, men will turn to the true worship of God, and to a belief in the teachings of the Master, which will result in many a one being saved from their sins, and in happiness and harmony and brotherly love being more firmly established on earth.

I am a believer in the Divine Love and the New Birth and am an inhabitant of the seventh sphere, and am trying to progress to the Celestial Spheres.

I will not write more tonight as you are tired, but will come again sometime.

So with all my love as a brother in Christ,

I am

Robert Colyer