A perfect Natural Love Spirit communicates.

March 6th, 1919

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Emerson:

Let me write tonight on a subject that is of importance to mankind and one which so few of mortals know or conceive of in their teachings and philosophy. I am one who inhabits the Sixth Sphere, where the pristine purity of the first man obtains, and where sin or the alienation from God has no existence. You may not know, but it is a fact, that the purity of this sphere is such that the souls of men find only that which makes a man like unto God, and renders him happy and satisfied with his existence and with the divine attributes and nature with which he was created and which God in the infinitude of his powers decreed that man should possess and enjoy to the fullest of his capacity. I am he whose book you have been reading tonight and who was attracted to you by the fact that you were interested in the book and sought the truths of the soul as therein set forth. The soul is one that while individualized yet is a part of the great Oversoul, and in its aspirations and thoughts of those things that are pure and in harmony with the oversoul has a satisfaction that is complete and at-one with the Father of light and love.

This sphere is one where only the perfected soul can live and bloom and feel its qualities of the divine as perfect, and no soul that has not rid itself of sin can possibly enter. I only know that we who inhabit that sphere have that feeling of purity and perfection that was granted to our first parents and which by them was lost at the time of their disobedience. This soul is very much like unto the great soul of the Father and needs not the qualities that you have known on earth as the one that causes you to realize that the Father has for man a higher and greater existence than the perfect man.

Well, I have lost my rapport and must stop.

Good night,