A reformed Preacher has found his progress in Divine Love.

December 9th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, John P. Newman:

I wish you would let me write a few lines tonight, as I am very dogmas of my church interfered with me and the members of my church the spirit world, and received the love of the Father in my soul.

I was, when on earth, a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus, as I then understood it, and made my great and earnest efforts to show my brother man what the truths of that Gospel were, and at times succeed to a great degree. But, I now see how far short I was in my knowledge and understanding; of these truths, and how very much the creeds and dogmas of my church interfered with me and the members of my church in getting a true conception of the truths of the Master. Many a man lost his opportunity to develop his soul by his beliefs in the atonement. I mean that he relied upon the sacrifice of Jesus, being all sufficient to pay the debt which he supposed he owed to the Father, and relying upon such belief he neglected to develop his soul qualities of love for the Father. This doctrine of atonement is one that is working great harm among the children of men, and one that should no longer be believed, but be shown to be utterly at variance with the truth, and not approved by either God or the Master.

I know, it may seem surprising to some people, that such assertions could come from an orthodox minister of the church, (Methodist) but if these people could only know what I now know, they would not be surprised at all, but would bend their efforts to have the creeds of their churches so revised and reformed, that the doctrine that I speak of, and a number of other untrue and harmful doctrines, would be entirely eliminated from these creeds and from their own beliefs also.

I have found that progress in this spirit world is a portion of the heritage of spirits just as progress belongs to mortals on earth; but not every spirit progresses, just by reason of being in the spirit world. Desire and will must exist, and must be exercised in order for this progression to take place, and I have heard that numerous spirits have been in a condition of stagnation for a great many years, just because they won’t exert themselves to desire and believe what is often told them.

I have taken up more of your time tonight than I intended, and I must apologize for having so intruded, but I felt that I should like to say just what I have said, as it may be that these truths may help some mortal to get into the light and the way to God’s Kingdom.

So, if you will pardon me, I will say that I am thankful for your kindness, and would like to come again, if it is agreeable to you.

I will in saying goodnight subscribe myself,

Your true brother in Christ,

John P. Newman

late a minister of a church in your city

and a Bishop of the Methodist Denomination.