A significant message for St. John introduces the differences between the Natural love of man and the Divine Love of God.

July 8th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, St. John.

I felt your call and came. I will tell you of love, as that is what you called me for.

The love that I taught when on earth, is the Love that the Father has prepared for all His children who might seek it. All that is required is that they seek with earnestness and faith, and they will receive it. I know that this Love is frequently confounded with the natural love that God gave to man at his creation, but the two are different and distinct. Every man has this natural love to a more or less extent; and it is a great gift and makes man what he is; but not so many have this other Love, because it is bestowed only in answer to prayer and the real longings of the heart and soul. This is the Divine Love, and this is the Love that makes man a part of the Divinity of the Father, and, consequently, immortal.

God is Love – and this is the great truth of His being. But His Love, while free for all, yet is not bestowed without the desire of the mortal to receive it. I wish that I had time tonight to more fully explain this Great Love but I have not; and I came to you only because you called me.

No, not tonight, but I will come sometime and write you a long letter on these subjects.

I am supremely happy and am working for humanity, and so directly does the Master. I do more for the advancement of the spirits after they have commenced to enjoy the Love of the Father in their souls.

Well, Jesus is the ruling spirit in our Kingdom and His power is supreme. It is, of course, the Kingdom of God; but this Kingdom is being formed by the Master, and to him is given the supreme ruling power, and we are all his followers. He rules by love and ministrations, and not by the hard lines of force and coercion.

Yes, he has many with him in the Celestial Spheres, but they are all subordinate to and obey him, but it is hard to make you understand this. This obedience is the result of love, and the word does not convey the exact meaning intended.

Well, that was a request made by us in our desire to become of importance, but we did not then understand what His Kingdom would be. We are equal here provided we have the same amount of Love – the Divine Love, that alone determines our place and position.

Jesus is the greatest of all, because he has more of this Love than any other spirit, and because he is nearer the Father and knows more of Him and of His attributes. No distinction is made in this Kingdom because of any relationship or personal greatness, but only because of more or less of Divine Love in the soul of the spirit.

I will come to you at times and write you of my knowledge of the truths of the Father, and hope that they may do you and the world some good.

I was not an educated man at that time when on earth, and never was, so far as languages are concerned. I had no knowledge of the philosophy of the great thinkers and writers of that time. All the knowledge I possessed of spiritual matters came to me from the teachings of Jesus and the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I was not a learned man in the earthly sense.

You have my blessings and my love, and I hope that the Holy Spirit may soon fill your soul with the Love of the Father in greater abundance and keep you in its care and keeping.

I will say good night.

St. John