A Spirit expresses interest in learning about soulmates.

January 19th, 1917

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

Let me say a word – George E. Luckett:


I am a spirit who has listened to your last communication and was somewhat interested in what the spirit said about her soulmate and her love for a spirit that she never heard of until after she got into the spirit world.

Now that may be all true, and I must say that she and her companion seemed to be very happy, and looked like sure enough lovers that you read of in romances; but what I want to ask is, how could they know that they are soulmates? Of course, they may love each other a great deal and think that there is no one else in all the wide world that can take the place of the one with the other, just as mortal sweethearts have thought and said many a time, to find later they were mistaken. And, as I have heard that this soulmate love is one that admits of no mistake, I should like to know, as I said, how they are certain that they are soulmates.

Well, I see your wife, and she says that there is not the slightest difficulty in knowing that you are some other spirit’s soulmate, provided you are in condition to be able to receive that knowledge; and that is one of their punishments. But whenever the spirit has a loving soul and he has progressed into that condition of development where it is best that he should meet his soulmate he will meet her and will know the fact when he does meet her.

Now, this makes me think some, for I am one of these bachelors, and have never believed in soulmates or anything of that nature; though I have seen a number of couples who claimed that they were soulmates and seemed to be very happy. Yet the fact made no special impression on me, neither did it incite in me any desire to learn if I have a soulmate. But now I believe that I will try to find whether I have or not.

Your wife says that when I get in proper condition for having one come to me she will find her for me and bring her to me, and that I will almost curse my self for having been such a big fool all these years. But I wonder what she means by proper condition? I must go after her and find out, and try to get in that condition.

Well, I will do it! I am glad that I broke in here tonight. I am in the light planes of the earth sphere, and am trying to be a decent fellow, and hope that I am. But as to getting into the proper condition, I will find out.

Thanking you for your kindness, I will say goodnight.

Your friend, George E. Luckett