A Spirit gives an account on his progression.

November 5th, 1916

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

Let me say just a word as I am very much interested in the truths of the message which Luke has just written you; and I was present at the church (Protestant Church, Washington D.C.) where the minister discoursed on the subject of Paradise, and Luke was also present; and as I realized that something that the preacher said, suggested to Luke the subject of his message, and as I am very much interested in the people of that church, as I at one time was pastor there, I desire to add just a few words to what Luke has so truly and plainly expressed.

The doctrine that the preacher proclaimed to-night, I often declared when I was minister there, and as I at that time believed those doctrines to be true, and know the preacher is equally honest in his beliefs.

But, alas, my beliefs were erroneous, and as it took some years of suffering and disappointment for me to unlearn these errors and learn the truth, so will he have to go through the same experience, unless, before the time of his leaving the physical body, he learns the truth.

And so with many of his congregation who are earnest and honest seekers of the truth, many of them having in their souls the Divine Love of the Father. And the pity is that there is no way of reaching him or them with the truth, for I know that they would not give heed to what you might say to them, and would look upon you as an imposter or crank. But, nevertheless, in the future some way may open up that these truths may reach these people, and as I have their interests so at heart, and feel that the influence of my teachings still linger in that congregation and produce only error and belief in that which is not true, I desire to add my confirmation to what Luke has said, and if his message ever reaches them I hope my message may also come to them.

It is part of my penalty for teaching erroneous doctrines that I should work to have my people unlearn their teachings of error, and to be able to reach them in this way would give me not only great happiness, but relief from my penalty of regret.

I will not attempt to recite what Luke has said, for I could not make it plainer, but I do desire to say to my people that what he said is true and they must believe.

Sometime I should like to come and write you a long message on a subject that has had the object of my consideration for a long time, and which to me and to many in earth life is a very vital matter.

I will not write more to-night, and thank you for your kindness in letting me write.

Well, I am in the Seventh Sphere and am very happy in my love and surroundings, but I realize that if I had known the truth as I now know it, I would be much further advanced. Oh, I tell you the hampering of the soul’s progress by a life time of erroneous beliefs is a terrible thing.

I will say good-night and God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,