A supportive message to James.

February 20th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

I am here to tell you that you are my own loving Ned and that I could not let you stop writing until I told you how dear you are to me.

Yes, I am so very, very happy and am willing that you should share it all with me.

Yes, you will hear my voice soon in your own room.

We will then talk love as well as write it. Oh, my darling, how much I love you tonight. I see your heart is open to my love and I want you to get so much of it that you will be happy all the day long.

I must not write much tonight for you are tired and you must not exhaust yourself.

Yes, he is full of love and his faith is very strong. He is a most unusual spirit and is strong for the higher things and will progress very rapidly. I know. He is with his soulmate a great deal and she has a wonderful influence over him and is leading him to the higher thoughts and greater love.

Alice is progressing. She is praying and believing she will soon be in the third sphere and she loves you so much and wants you to love her and continue to pray for her.

He says, that you need not ask his father, for he loves you too much to get offended. You must love him more and believe in him more and he will give you a communication that will satisfy you.

She is here, and says that you are very good to think of her and love her and that she returns your love and hopes that very soon we may all be able to talk as you desire. She is now trying to bring about conditions that will enable us to succeed.

I will stop and say goodnight.

Your own dear and loving,