A sweetheart message of a dream-call.

December 4th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well, sweetheart, I heard you call me in your waking moments after your dream, and I came to you and loved you with all my heart. I know what your dream was for I was trying to come to you in your sleep so that you would realize my presence, and I came as I might have appeared to you on earth were I now living; but you must not think that I would not love you for I would, and my appearance did not indicate that I did not love you. I only seemed a little sad and showed that I wanted your sympathy and love. So don’t suppose from the dream that I did not love you.

I heard you call me several times and I came to you and I then realized how lonesome you were and how much you wanted me, and how necessary I am to you. Oh, my darling, only to think that in a few short years you will be with me and we will never have to separate again, and that our love will be so great that never can anything occur that will bring us unhappiness or discontent. I do love you with all my heart and soul and you must love me in the same way, and think of me very often and wish for me, as you did last night.

The dream had no special significance, but was merely intended to show you that your little wife was still with you, and that even if she could not come to you in the flesh, yet she could in your dreams. She was just as she might have appeared to you in her early days of married life, and tried to let you see how beautiful, even as a mortal, she was, because she thought that maybe your recollections of her of those days may have become dim and shadowy.

So you see, we can be with each other in our writings, in our visions, in voice communications and in dreams. Should we not be thankful to the Father for these great privileges. I so often think of the great gift that he has given to you, and of our ability to become so close to each other in conscious communion, and wonder why it is. But when I consider the work which you have been selected to do, I don’t wonder for that work is of such importance that you will have to have the gift which has been bestowed upon you, and also the other great powers that will be given you.

As I said last night, the power of inspiration is yours also, and if you will seek to cultivate it, you will find that you will be able to express the thoughts of some of the greatest spirits that we have in our higher spirit world, and you will not only be surprised yourself at what may come through you in this way, but your hearers will also wonder and think you a wonderfully wise man and orator. But you will understand that it will not be you who will really do the speaking, but the spirits who may be behind you.

No, it will not interfere with your writing powers, but, on the contrary, will help and increase these powers, for many times when we write, if we could only tell you in the way of inspiration what we desire to express, many things would be more easily transmitted to paper, than as now, when we have to do the physical work of moving your hand as well as of using your brain. So you see, it is very desirable for you to cultivate this phase of mediumship, for the good that you will be able to do is beyond calculation.

No, I have not heard that he (Ed Thomas) has passed over, and I don’t know any of his friends here, but I will try to find them and will speak to him and tell him that you sent me to him, and if he needs help I will try to help him, and, if he desires, will bring him to you, and let him write. So you see, if we can do any good to any spirit we are always willing to do it.

Don’t you think that we had better stop now, as you are tired, although you may not realize it.

Well, sweetheart, I do love you with all my heart and soul and I will stay with you, and comfort you and make you feel my presence. I am so happy that you love me so much and want me with you as you do; but we have to observe the laws governing our communications, and it will not be best for us to write more at this time.

I will come tonight and again tell you of my love.

So with all my love I will say goodbye.

Your own true and loving,