A very ancient Spirit gives a message on natural fear and love.

September 25th, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am a spirit who has never written you before, and would not now, except that I have the opportunity to tell you of some things that you may not know.

I am a spirit who lived as a man when the earth was young, and men had not become so filled with sin and error and all those evil things which cause so much unhappiness on earth.

In my time men had not the ambition and greed for accumulating worldly possessions that they have now, and consequently worth – individual interior worth – determined a man’s standing in our community and his real character before us.

I don’t want to write much at this my first coming, as I desire to come again and write. I am not able to tell you how many thousand of years ago I lived, but it was before the time of the Bible description of creation.

I now live in the Celestial Spheres, for I am a Christian and a follower of Jesus.

I was an Indian and lived in the Himalaya mountain country, far removed from where your large cities now are. We were pastoral people and hunters.

We were followers of our own doctrines which were not those of any sect or people that you know of. My race is not now in existence, and the teachings of our seers have never been preserved.

My name was Inaladocie.

I was a ruler of my people when I lived on earth. We believed in one God only, and in doing justice to our fellow man. We did not believe in any possible blood atonement or in any Messiah to come who would save us by his death and sufferings.

We had our creeds too, and elaborate ceremonies and even sacrifices, but these were not exercised to avert the wrath of any angry God; but rather to preserve us from the evil influences and harm of a Devil. We loved God, but feared the Devil.

Now, I know how the plan of salvation teaches no such doctrine of sacrifice and vicarious atonement.

I must stop now, so good-night.