A very beautiful love letter to her soulmate.

December 16th, 1917.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mrs. Horner.

Let me say only a few words, for I am so anxious to write a few lines, and have been for some time. Many times I have been with you and my husband as you conversed of things pertaining to the spiritual world and I was very hopeful that he would believe what you said to him and turn his thoughts to an investigation of the truths that he would surely find, and thereby give me the opportunity of coming to him in my voice, at least, and telling him that I am not dead, but very happy and always watching over him to comfort him.

I know that I have been away from him, as he has thought, for a long time, and that other things have intervened in his life to cause him to forget me to a more or less degree, and to think that it was all of life to live on earth and find his happiness there. This, of course, was quite natural, and I was not hurt, as you mortals say, because of the fact that he had, as he thought, given his affections to another; for I knew the conditions of his heart better than he himself knew it, and saw that his real love was mine, and that no other could take it from me or, as he may be surprised to hear, he could not give it to another.

I have heard you talk to him about the soulmate love and he has some conception of it, and I want to tell him that this is the love that is binding us together; and nothing in all the universe of God can sever that bond. I should like to tell him what this bond means and sometime, if you will indulge me, I will do so, but tonight I will not take your time.

But tell him this: that I thought when on earth that I loved him, and I did, but now I realize how faint that love was as compared to what I now have for him, and what will always be his. He may not believe that I am writing to him or that my love for him is as I write it is, but as certain as his friend, death, at some time will come to him, so certain is it that when he comes to the spirit world he will find this love waiting for him, and also his soulmate, just at the entrance of his real home.

Well, I must not write more, but kindly tell him that I am a very happy spirit, with my home in the Fifth Sphere, and that I am bright and beautiful in appearance, as they tell me. When I left the earth plane all darkness of race left me and I became one of the shining ones; and every spirit associate that I had, was and is my true brother and sister, and the Father is my Father, and I am His child. As my soul progressed and developed in Love, I became nearer like unto the Father, and my spirit body and appearance showed the purity of my soul. And such will be his destiny if he will only follow the way that the Father has provided for him by which he can obtain one of the beautiful mansions of these spheres.

I will tell him only one thing more before I stop writing; and that is, that as my soul developed in Love, my intellect and knowledge also developed, and I became very wise without having to study as you mortals do on earth; and now I see that many of your so-called wise men are, in their wisdom, very foolish, and in their understanding very ignorant. I write this because he may think that now I am the same person in my intellect and knowledge that I was when we were happy together. And we were happy for a short while, for I loved him with all the fervor of my young life and trust, and was so sorrowful when I had to leave him; but God knew best, and now I know that it was for the best. As I said, I still love him, but with a greater and more fervent love than ever; and sometimes I love him so very intensely that I draw him to me and enjoy a spirit communion with him, although he may not realize it.

Pardon me for writing so long.

With my love to him, I will say good night.

I was Mrs. Horner when on earth for a short time, when he gave me the fine love of his youth, and I will be his for all eternity.

Mrs. Horner