Aleyabis also enquires to the New-Birth.

August 20th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Aleyabis:

Let me write. I have been listening to those who have preceded me, and am interested in what they have said.

I know nothing about this New Birth, and although I have lived in the spirit world a long time and in great happiness, yet I have never before heard of the doctrine.

I feel like the Turk, in that if there be any truth in this doctrine, I would like to learn what it means. Of course to learn I will have to make investigation and to do so I must get a starting point; and if you can show me how I may come in contact with anything that may assist me in my investigation, I will be obliged to you.

I am a Persian and was named Aleyabis. I lived four thousand years ago, and was and am a follower of Zoroaster, the divine teacher of God. I am living in the highest spheres where the followers of our teacher live. We are not in the same heaven with the spirits of other beliefs, but have a heaven all to ourselves; although I sometimes come in contact with spirits from these other heavens.

Sometimes I come in contact with the Christian spirits and talk to them, but we do not discuss our doctrines, because we each so firmly believe in the truth of our respective beliefs, that no good would come of any discussion as to their relative merits.

I see a great many spirits around you, and some are very beautiful and bright, more so than I have seen before, and also seem to have much love in their being.

She is here and says she will be pleased to show me the way to start in my investigations, and I will accept her kind offer.

I will come to you again sometime and tell you the result of my investigation.

Your friend,