An intimate message of love.

October 8th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, your Helen:

Well sweetheart, we had quite a love-making scene between Mary and the Doctor, and she was so happy that she could write to him that her whole soul was filled with emotion and many tears fell on her letter, though you could not see them.

What a beautiful loving spirit she is, and how she loves the Doctor. I enjoyed the scene more than I can tell you; and when she finished her writings, she came and threw her arms around my neck and cried until I thought that she could have no tears left, but they were tears of joy. Oh, how dear she is to me, for she seems to have a love that appeals to my love for you, and when she tells me of her great love for the Doctor I join with her in her tears, and we both thank God that he has given us such soulmates, and the great love that we have for them.

I have been with you all day trying to comfort you and help you forget the troubles of your earthly affairs, and to some extent I succeeded.

You must love me more and think of me more often, for if you do you will draw me so close to you, that you will feel my love in all its power, and my presence will appear so real to you.

I heard what you said to the Doctor about giving Mary a real lip kiss, and you were right, for while he may not be able to feel her kisses, she can his, and it will make her so happy. Notwithstanding our spirit love, we have that about us that causes us to enjoy what was a part of our earth nature. A kiss is just as sweet, yes more so, than when we were mortals – and you must not think that we are such ethereal, nebulous beings that we cannot enjoy a kiss, or an embrace, for we enjoy both. And as you know, many times have I hugged you until you hollered. So tell the Doctor that he can kiss his Mary just as often as he might were she in the flesh.

I must stop now.

(A spirit requests to find his soulmate)

Well, I will try to find his soulmate. He seems a man of a loving disposition and he is in real earnest when he says he wants his soulmate, and he shall have her.

So, sweetheart, say good night.

Your own true and loving, Helen