An old friend, Wm Perry, was disappointed he could not write.

February 13th, 1917.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well, there was a spirit who was very anxious to write and I was disposed to let him do so, but as you are tired and are not inclined to have others write tonight, I told him that he would have to postpone his writing until another time.

(Who was it?)

It was your poor friend William Perry and he was so disappointed that he could not write. He is still in a very sad and dark condition and does not seem to be able to progress much out of his sufferings. We have been trying to help him but his belief that he came here to suffer eternally still holds him in his dark and suffering condition.

I believe though that a conversation with you may do him good. He is still waiting here. He says he will come and I know that he will wait anxiously for the time to come.

Well, dear, I am glad that the Master wrote you tonight such a letter of love and encouragement for it will do you good. Try to follow his advice especially pray more to the Father. We are all so anxious that you get in the condition of which the Master spoke, for it will help you so much in your own development.

I love you as you know with all my heart and soul and so does your dear mother, who wrote you. She was so happy in doing so and she is a beautiful spirit, as she told you we have both progressed and we are nearer the fountainhead of God’s love and it appears more real and divine the nearer we approach.

I will not write more now as it is late.

Well, I will not forget and soon I will write and you must be convinced that I have not forgotten.

Well, we thought it best not to write then, for the reason that I have told you but hereafter when you are ready in the early evening we will write, even though we may have to appear a little unkind to these dark spirits, we will explain to them and I think that they will be contented.

Well, my dear, feel that I am very true to you in my love and let not your mind be troubled, but love me with all your heart and you will realize that I am,

Your own true and loving,