An old friend writes on soulmates.

March 23rd, 1916

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Saul S. Henkle:

Let me say just a word, for while you are all having your love thoughts passing, I would like to come in too.

I was your old friend, Saul S. Henkle, and while I was not so young as you folks when on earth, yet, now I am younger than you, and no doubt better looking.

But seriously, I have enjoyed being here this evening, and listening to the messages that you have received. Of course, I never knew your spirit friends on earth, but over here, I have become acquainted with them through that beautiful wife of yours, and I enjoy their companionship very much, especially that of Mrs. Stone, who is so beautiful and full of the Divine Love, and such a tender, loving mother. I am also very fond of the little girl that your Helen calls “Lovesick”. Well she undoubtedly is in love, but she doesn’t look sick, and is just as bright and beautiful and happy as one can imagine. She does love her soulmate though and doesn’t hesitate to let us all know the fact. How happy all your friends are, and how happy I am to be with them!

Over here, there are little circles of friends, just as on earth and there is a difference also in the natures and disposition of those who form the circles; and I want to say that your soulmate and that of the Dr. are two of the cheeriest little spirits that I know.

Yes, I have met her and she is not very happy. She has the belief that held me back so long, and little soul development. I have tried to help her, but it is hard to make her think differently from what she did on earth. But sooner or later it will come about, that she will receive the truth.

She is not my soulmate, so your wife says, and she seems to know all about soulmates. She says that she will soon tell me who mine is, and I will be glad of it.

I must not write more, but thank you very much for your kindness.

Your old friend,

General S. S. Henkle