An unhappy Spirit asks James for help.

March 23rd, 1919

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

Let me write a line, John D. Rogers:

I was with you at the meeting and saw that you are mediumistic, and I felt that I should like to communicate with you for a short time.

I am one of the spirits who frequently attend the meetings of the medium whom you heard speak tonight and give to some of the people the messages from their loved ones, and I was very anxious to communicate also, but had not the opportunity. I am a man who was known to several of the persons present and would have been recognized had my name been mentioned and would have been gladly received.

I am very unhappy in my present condition and surroundings and want to learn the way to get out of darkness and unhappiness. I know that the friends of mine who were present think that I am a happy spirit and can come to them and help them in their worldly affairs, when the fact is, that I cannot, and that they can help me more than I can help them; and I wish that they would do so. It is terrible to be left in the condition in which I am, with no light, or the way to get into the light, left open to me.

I never know when to ask for help, for something always comes forward to interfere with my efforts, and I am relegated to my awful condition of darkness, in which I have been since I came to spirit life. It is a mistake for mediums to believe or teach that we all are in a happy condition when we come to the spirit world, for such is not the case, and many a spirit comes to his relatives and for the purpose of relieving them of any fear as to his condition, tells them that he is happy, when he is not.

Well, I came with you, hoping that you might help me some, if only by your sympathy and kind thoughts, which do so much good to spirits situated as I am; and I believe that you would probably send up a prayer for my relief. I was not a very good man when on earth and am now paying the penalty for my evil thoughts and deeds. My friends thought that I was good, but in this they were mistaken, and many a man who considers himself good, as men generally go, will find that in the storehouse of his memory are the records of many thoughts and deeds that he had forgotten, but which when he comes to spirit life, will come upon him in all their nakedness and horror, to be atoned for in the way that the laws of God require. I am not a Christian, though when on earth I believed in the creeds of my church and considered myself a very good church member, and was certain that I would be among the redeemed when I should come to meet the great revealer of things as they are, I mean death.

No, the truth cannot be hidden by belief, or anything but truth itself. We must all face the great revelation, and when it comes it will not show us to be free from sin and defilement, as I thought when on earth.

I must pay the penalty, and the great law will work in my case as certainly as that the sun will rise on your world tomorrow morning.

I have seen sick spirits, but only as you see ghosts as you believe. I have never had any conversation with them, and do not know that they can do me any good, or that they desire to help me. But why do you ask?

Well, I see a spirit, and he is exceeding bright and beautiful and comes to me and tells me that he will help me if I will only believe what he tells me and follow his advice. I am going with him and do my best to do as he advises. He says that I will find relief and light.

I must go, so good night.

Your friend,

John D. Rogers