Ann and Saleeba help a Natural Spirit who was an Assyrian, embrace the Divine Love.

November 3rd, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Saelish.

I was, when on earth, an inhabitant of the great Empire of Assyria of which Nineveh was the capital. I was not a king but was one of a great king’s magicians or wise men, and when I lived was a man of great influence and power in the kingdom.

I came tonight to tell you a great truth in connection with the soul. As you may infer, when I lived we knew nothing of the one and only God, but we worshipped many gods, great and little, and believed that these gods could help or harm us, just as we deserved their help or their injurious workings. And so our many gods sometimes came in conflict in their treatment of us poor mortals, so that we at times hardly knew whether our gods were our friends or our enemies.

Of course, the help that we sought for was all of a material nature, for never did we think of help in the way of preparing us for a future life; that, we supposed, was only for those of us who by our great achievement in battle or in intellectual pursuits would, upon death, become gods ourselves. The poor, ordinary mortals were only intended to live the mortal life, at least during the incarnation that they then had, and their expectations were that perhaps in some future incarnation, they might have the opportunity and the favors of the unknown gods, so that they might become gods themselves.

This was the substance of the beliefs and hopes of the Assyrians at that time – and many millions died in that belief and are now inhabitants of the several planes of certain spheres of the spirit world. None of them has ever returned for a new incarnation and thereby start on their way to become gods, and this for the reason which is sufficient to satisfy them when they became spirits, sooner or later: those men who they supposed had become gods when they died, were in the spirit world spirits themselves, and not gods at all.

So you see that the soul, when once it leaves the physical body, never returns again to any physical body, but continues in the spirit world to exist as a soul with a body of spirit form and substance; and no spirit has ever experienced the sensation of becoming reincarnated. And this is the truth that I wished to tell you; that the soul, when once it leaves the physical body, never again finds its habitation in another or the same physical body, but forever thereafter occupies the spirit body, and that in the spirit world only.

When a mortal dies, earth, so far as being the home of that mortal again in earthly body, becomes a thing of the past – it is a mere way station which has been left behind, and will never again appear as a stopping place on the spirit’s line of progression.

I thought it might do good for me to write this tonight, for it is the information from a spirit who long years ago lived on earth and believed in this doctrine of reincarnation, and who during all the long years of its spirit life has learned and experienced the truth, that reincarnation is a fable and has no real existence.

No, the soul never retraces its steps or its method of existence, for it never goes back from the spirit to mortal.

I know that on the earth today there are thousands of mortals who believe in this doctrine of reincarnation, and many thousands more have died in that belief, but they live and die in that belief, and only when the truth comes to them, do they realize that their belief was an erroneous one, and that they will never reach Nirvana by retracing their course of life through the physical body.

The soul never dies, but always lives, and whenever its position is such as to justify progression, it progresses.

I live in the sixth sphere, and am considered to be a very exalted spirit in my intellectual acquirements and in my condition of freedom from sin and errors which belonged to me on earth, and which belongs to every mortal. My happiness is very great, and my home and surroundings are beautiful.

This sphere is a wonderful place, not only because of the surroundings and homes of the inhabitants, but because of the great mental and moral development of those who live in that sphere. No spirit who has not that development can live in this sphere because of its unfitness.

Male and female spirits enjoy this wonderful development and their intercourse in the intellectual things that exist in this sphere is free and frequent, and the interchange of thoughts brings much happiness and satisfaction.

We don’t know of any spheres beyond the sixth, although we have heard it rumored that there are other spheres, but we give little credence to these rumors, because none of us, I mean the inhabitants of this sphere, has ever found a higher one, and many of us live in the highest planes of this sphere.

No, I have nothing else to write tonight.

Well, I, of course, can’t say that is not true, but I do say that you astonish me beyond all belief, for I cannot imagine that any spirit can make higher progress than we have made.

Well, what you tell me surprises me and I would like to investigate and discover the truth of this matter. But I don’t know how to commence such investigation or where to start. Is it possible that you can show me the way in which I can commence this investigation?

I have done as you suggested and I do see some wonderfully beautiful spirits, and they seem to be so very happy, too, and interested in you. One says she is your grandmother, and she seems to excel the others in her beauty and brightness.

She says she is very willing to start me in my investigation, and herself to tell me the great secret of the great progression that you speak of, and if I will accompany her she will commence at once.

And while I write, there comes another beautiful spirit and says that she formerly lived in the sixth sphere, and lived there many thousands of years before I lived on earth. She says that she was an Egyptian and that her name was Saleeba and that now she is an inhabitant of the third sphere, in order to prepare herself for the great progression that she will make to spheres high above the sixth, and tells me that after I have conversed with your grandmother she will be pleased to talk to me and tell me her experience. I will be with her, you may rest assured.

All this is so wonderful to me that I hardly know what to think or do. But I will try to find the truth of it, if it can be found.

So, as I have written you a long time, expecting to enlighten you and not be enlightened myself, and am now so anxious for that enlightenment, I will say that I am glad I came to you, and Goodnight.