Ann answers many questions that James has asked in his learning of the Kingdom.

November 11th, 1914

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your grandmother:

Yes, I am here and I wish to tell you that you must not let what I said to you last night discourage you for I was only trying to let you know that you must not forget to pray to God for His Blessing. You were not in a condition to fully understand what I wrote. You were only in a condition of doubt as to what it was that you should do in order to feel the influence of my meaning.

Question and Answer:

Yes it is and you must not so worship him. They were not only wrong in that particular, but they did not understand that Jesus does not want to be worshipped in that way. They may follow him in his teachings and assemble, but must worship only God. You can help them to see the Truth and you should try to do so.

Yes, I know, but nevertheless you should make an effort for they must learn that Jesus is only a son of God and is not the God or any part of Him. He is the one for them to seek and ask his aid in order to learn the truth.Yes, I know, but they will have to learn sooner or later that the Holy Spirit is of God and not a medium of Jesus to bring about their New Birth and entrance into God’s Kingdom. He is the one that confers the blessings of the Spirit and they will realize it when they receive the Spirits inflow of Love and Grace. Yes, many have and their influence is good and helpful, their spirit friends are with them to realize that God’s love and truth. Yes, sometimes, but they do not enjoy being there and consequently do not remain very long or take any part in the séances.

He is not present at the various meetings that are held in the several churches over the whole country, but his truths are there in the character of spirits who are ordained to do the work of teaching the truths which he taught and which are the truths of God. The Holy Spirit is the one that can cause the inflowing of God’s Love and it is present in all meetings as it is without form or personality, It is the messenger of God and it can be in all places at the same time so that the penitent no matter how far apart can receive its influence and feel its saving grace and love. It is not necessary for it to use other spirits to carry its love and influence. It of itself is able and all comprehending enough to influence the persons who seek for its inflowing. So do not think that you have to have Jesus present in order to obtain the blessings of the Holy Spirit. He meant that where they are gathered together for the purpose of seeking the Love of God he would be able to help them feel the influence of the Holy Spirit, he would not have to be present himself for that purpose, but he would be represented by the Holy Spirit. No, he cannot, for he is a person and has all the limitations that belong to the individual.

Jesus is not a spirit in the sense that God is a spirit. He is only an individualized spirit as you are. He is only a spirit of such wonderful development that he can control all the spirits of his own manner of thinking and who have been Born Again into God’s Kingdom so that he can have them do his work just as he teaches them to do. Yes, he can direct the Holy Spirit in the sense that when the penitent prays for help the Holy Spirit will respond and fulfill the work that the Father has provided it to do.

Jesus is the only true exponent of his Father’s Truths and he alone through his teachings can cause the Holy Spirit to enter the hearts and souls of mankind. No, it is not, for the Father has given him the power to control all the spirits that are of the Father’s Kingdom of Truth and Love.

Christ is not only a spirit of the Father, but is the one that God gave to Jesus when he anointed him on his earthly mission. He is the one spirit that cannot be made to do anything that is contrary to God’s Love and Law. No, not in addition to the spirit that Jesus had, but the spirit that God gave to Jesus at the time of the anointing.

The spirit that Jesus had before that time became one and the same with the Christ Spirit – they are now one – Jesus is not a man as is taught by some writers, but is the Christ of God – a spirit that is full of God’s truths. He is the great dispenser of truths and he cannot lie or do anything but what the Father has given him to do.

Yes, Jesus the Spirit is only a Spirit as you have a spirit, but Jesus the Christ is a Spirit that is without form or limitations. So that the Holy Spirit can be everywhere at the same time. Yes, he meant that he as the Christ would be with all peoples whenever they might be gathered together seeking his help and teachings, believe as Jesus the mere spirit, he did not mean that he would be with them.

So you may believe that he is with you always in the sense that he is your Christ. This Jesus the teacher of truth and not the Christ, the latter is with you and every one else at all times only the penitent must ask that he lets them feel his influence and teach them the Truth of God, and the fact that the Holy Spirit is waiting to enter into their hearts and fill them with the Divine Love.

Go to the church where you were last night, as you will be much more benefitted than you will be by attending the other church. You will be under the influence of more spirits who have received the New Birth.

No, not in the sense that the Holy Spirit is in their hearts, they are only letting their minds become confused with the idea that Jesus’ blood or crucifixion saves them when the fact is the blood of Jesus or the crucifixion is not necessary, as a matter of belief to the salvation. The only thing that saves them from their sins and reconciles them to God is that they must become conscientious of God’s Truths and receive the Holy Spirit into their souls. No vicarious suffering on the part of Jesus is necessary to save them. He never taught the erroneous doctrine and it is not doing good being taught by the preachers who claim to represent his cause.

No, only in the sense that those things call the attention of mankind to Jesus and his mission on earth as between God and man, not blood of Jesus or because suffering can appease God or save man. God is a God of Love and does not have any wrath to be appeased. He is only to glad to have his children come to Him and be at-one with Him. He is not waiting to punish them or have the men suffer because of any wrath that he may have towards them. They suffer only because they have violated his laws and they must do that which will remove the causes of the violations of these laws.

Man is not the object of God’s anger, but is the dear children of his love. He is not pleased when they do wrong or when they do not obey his precepts. Let not the idea that God delights in the punishment of the wicked make you think that God wants any one of His children to suffer.

He is only too ready to save and have the sinner come to His Love and Care. He is the one Perfect Love that exists.

You must stop writing now as you won’t go to your dinner.

Your loving grandmother